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My name Jill Laperle. My first trip to Disney was way back in 1978. I still remember the first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom with my parents. I even still have some of those unused original tickets buried in a box. I met and married my Prince Charming (Jeff) and we have 2 Princes (Riley and Aidan). Mickey and Minnie were kind enough to pop in at our wedding (thanks to our parents) and we had an amazing Disney honeymoon. Both of the boys had their first haircuts at the Main Street Barber Shop when they were a year old. In 2009 we became proud DVC owners at Baylake Tower. I have graduated from the College of Disney Knowledge and keep up with that training just to help people plan trips. I made it to the second round for Moms Panel after years of applying. I will keep trying knowing one of these years it will be my turn. I was a beta tester for Disney InsidEARS. I may have a small obsession with Disney Dooney and Harvey Seatbelt bags. I also love collecting Disney iPhone cases, Chamilia beads and other jewelry finds. I am always showing a Disney Side in a small way. Anything else you would like to know just ask. NDM #117


Recently, I had a chat with Jennifer at Mousenet Creations, after I ordered two of her fabulous bracelets on Facebook. I saw these creations just before Christmas and I knew I needed to add one or two to my collection. I ordered my favorites: Haunted Mansion at WDW and Cinderella’s Castle. They are even better in person. I was really impressed with how they wear. The material Jennifer uses really does stand up to abuse. I must confess, I even Googled the coordinates, and they were so spot on, it was amazing! I decided I needed to reach out to Jennifer for the Disney Driven Life readers to share this unique find.

Here is our conversation…..(a discount has also been kindly given by Jennifer for those wishing to order through Facebook instead of etsy – see bottom of article for details)

So what gave you the idea to stamp coordinates?

First,I need to admit I am an extreme Disney fan and I am always looking for that subtle touch of my Happy Place to carry with me everyday. I’m the one that loves to have all sorts of “nods” to the unique details of the parks surrounding me in my life. I find it increasingly difficult to find adult style items that don’t scream I’m a Disney fan! but still allow me to carry my memories with me.

Crown coordinates (2) Together Forever Beware Hitchhiking Ghosts bat Best tilt bracelet and keychainKey Chain

On to the actual answer…At work one day, I noticed a coworker had GPS coordiAdventurenates written on a necklace tag and immediately, my first complete thCreateought- Oh yeah baby… HAUNTED MANSION- Disneyland. And, as they say, it was all downhill from there. I whipped one up and got a little bit braggy on a Disney fan Facebook page sharing the picture of my new, terribly stamped bracelet and suddenly, everyone was asking for items to be custom made. Turns out there were several hundred of us out there that wanted to wear the coordinates of our favorite location, attraction, restaurant, resort, ship, or even garbage can. (I’m smiling writing this only because- I know that you know which one I mean). I was so excited to finally put my superabundance of odd Disney trivia and knowledge to work! I’ve still had no luck trying to convince my husband all of those trips and books were simply pre-planning for the business and I that I really should be able to write them off though.

All said, I am so thankful to those first customers who took a crazy chance by buying one of my items and so, so sorry they got the rough looking originals. Sort of a backwards, accidental, surprise business plan. I know.

How do you find the coordinates?

Sometimes, I use a top secret, custom made computer program to track down coordinates from across the globe . Other days, I just use Google Maps. Depends on which site loads the fastest on my old laptop that day.

Do you just do Disney specific jewelry?

My plan was Disney/Pixar only but, as I have created a loose custom style, I find a lot of new and repeat orders coming in for quotes and coordinates from other places all over the world. I’m an equal opportunity stamper. I even went to the darkside (Universal Studios) with “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”- just don’t tell anyone.

How long does it take to make?

That all depends on the item, how complicated the design is and how many mistakes and re-dos I make.
In all seriousness, I don’t send out anything I wouldn’t wear. In hand stamping every character/design is unique. Some stamps need different type strikes to stamp deep enough because it is well… hand stamped. Placement and depth can be a little bit of a surprise when you lift the stamp. Sometimes it is a pleasant one, and sometimes- nope, not so much… start over. Every once in a while, I still miss when I swing. There is no forgiveness in metal stamping. My shipping time is easy- I usually ship in about a week or so from payment. We also ship worldwide so my little creations are all over the globe which is pretty darn cool.

What are the pieces made of?

All of my items are what is considered “food safe” aluminum. Not only does it create a very affordable alternative to sterling silver and other metals, there is a much lower risk of allergies than with the others because it is lead and nickel free. Aluminum is very lightweight and does not tarnish like other metals. I have worn one at Walt Disney World for 8 days straight -in August (that’s 16 showers for those that have never visited Florida then) and swam in the ocean without issues. Well, other than the shark I thought I attracted to the swimming area at the beach because my bracelet was so shiny that it reflected the sun under water (a really cool effect!) sending that signal they pick up at dinner time. But luckily that ended up only being a dolphin and they are not attracted to shiny things like fishing lures so all was ok.

What has been your most unique request?

All of my items are custom so I get a lot of unique requests. Inevitably, there are some too strange- even for me. One was a string of obscure letters and symbols. I still ponder if this was a code to be cracked that would have determined where the spot X was. In retrospect, perhaps I should have explored it more. Or, at least confirmed it was not an illegal message I was transporting across borders via USPS.

How long have you been doing this?

This unexpected adventure started last spring so almost a year of doing my little part to spread the MAGIC!

Where can we find you?

That question is a little bit creepy to be honest. But, you can find my shops and sample albums at:

Now here’s the best part! We know you want to order yours like yesterday, right? Head over to Jennifer’s Facebook page,, and check out her work. Find what you want to order and send Jennifer a Facebook message through her page. Be sure to mention in your message that you found her work on THE DISNEY DRIVEN LIFE. She will give you a discount when you are ordering!