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A Disney blooded, crafty, fun-lovin’ wife/mom/organizer/planner, etc who is obsessed with all things Disney 🙂 Maria grew up with the Magic Kingdom and has loved watching WDW evolve into what it is today. A firm believer in the Power of Pixie Dust, she is the owner of The Disney Driven Life – A Community for Neurotic Disney People & a d.i.y. crafty blog, Carousel of Projects – create~inspire~share.


Have a Disney Ears Night!

“The Neurotic Tales” is a series of real-life moments in the life of a Neurotic Disney Mom. Growing up with Disney in her blood, she strives to make every moment in her life, and those around her, a Disney moment.  For her, there is no other way. Follow along as she relates to the world what it truly means to live a Neurotic Disney Life…

 We are Disney

“One little spark, of inspiration, is at the heart of all creation”

Go ahead, feel free to sing along.  You know the words.  We aren’t just your average Disney family.  By “we”, I mean myself, my husband, our 6 children & cat. We are annual passholders. Bona fide Disney. Movies. Music. Decor. Lifestyle. We are Neurotic Disney People.

I have always been a Disney fan.  Living in Florida makes that easy.  Living in central Florida makes it even easier.  As a little girl, we visited the parks at least twice a year.  Since becoming Passholders, or “Disney People” as some call it, we visit more than that.  Waayy more. As a child, I could only dream of visiting the Mouse so often.

But this runs deeper than park visits. This is much more than following the Sacred 7 & the principles. This is our lifestyle. A dear friend gave us a Disney plaque as a house warming gift with the quote, “If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT.” It is strategically placed so it is one of the first things I see in the morning & the last thing I see at night. I use that as inspiration to continue to keep that Disney magic alive in our home & lives. This is what makes us Neurotic Disney People.

Being a Neurotic Disney person is not always easy. Like everything else, it has its ups & downs. But as long as you can find Hidden Mickeys in the coffee grounds you spilled on the kitchen floor because you were too busy humming along to “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” & didn’t see the cat, I call that a win 🙂 I know I can share these stories with you because you get it. You understand.

This series will be about our crazy Disney moments, mostly outside of the parks. But we all know that NDP moments happen in the parks, as well. Do you have Disney moments at home too? Do you have a go-to Disney tune that you subconsciously hum along to? Have you found Hidden Mickeys in your coffee grounds? Please share! Introduce yourself & let’s chat Disney.

See Ya Real Soon!

  • MaryBeth Van Meer-Caliciuri

    What a great idea for a series! I’m looking forward to reading more!!

  • Thanks so much, Mary Beth! I am working on the next installment! I actually sat on this for a long time!