#OUAT Season 4 Episode 14 PREVIEW!

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Here’s the official trailer for the upcoming episode, entitled “Unforgiven”:

Maleficent is released, and things get ugly fast, it seems.  Which makes sense, since the last time we saw her she had been slain in dragon form by the Savior and has been trapped under the clock tower as some weird zombie ever since.

Yeah, remember this?  Not pretty.

Yeah, remember this is how Maleficent looks now?  Not so good, Al.

I’m kinda touched by the very vulnerable Mary Margaret begging for her family’s safety, that hasn’t really been her m.o. of late.  She’s been much more of a kicking ass and taking names girl so far this season.  I don’t know if I can handle it if something happens to baby Prince Neal, surely they won’t go there….

Word on the internet is that our favorite wooden boy will return in this episode, too.  Wonder how THAT’S going to work since last we saw him he was a little boy (or possibly a Keebler elf), and not at all Eion Bailey:

Definitely not Eion Bailey.

Definitely not Eion Bailey.

Tune in Sunday, March 8 at 8pm on ABC for “Unforgiven,” and meet me back here Monday to dish all about it!