Disability Access Service (DAS) Card Going Digital?

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Disability Access Card

Disability Access Card

Today, this article from Kenny the Pirate was released. It announces the beginning of the Disability Access Service (DAS) moving to a digital format, replacing the paper card version.

I like the idea of the DAS going digital. A huge plus point is that the move to digital relieves the guest/family of the possibility of leaving the paper version of the DAS at home or back at the room, OR losing/misplacing the paper version. But, I do have questions/concerns with the move.

According to Kenny’s article, only one person in the party needs to go to an attraction for a return time. When the Cast Member (CM) puts that return time on that person’s Magic Band, does it carry over to everyone else’s Magic Band in the party? Or when the time comes to return to the attraction does the person who got the return time need to be present with the Magic Band that was used to get the return time?

In a related question, when you first go to Guest Relations to set this up on the Magic Bands, I know the person with the disability has to be present, but does everyone in the party have to be present with his/her Magic Band as well?

Lastly, in my situation we have two family members with a disability. With the paper version, we would get a DAS for each person with the disability, just in case they decided to go their separate ways and go to a different section of the park or to go to different parks. I’m curious if the digital version will allow more than one DAS to exist on the Magic Bands.

What are your thoughts? No one will know for sure until Monday, April 27, 2015. If you experience any of these changes firsthand, come back and share your experience.

More information regarding the Disability Access Service can be found here.

  • LettyLibrarian

    I like the move to digital as well. Its been several years since we visited WDW and used the (at that time) the Guest Assistance Card. At some point during the trip the card got wet. I worried about it. Having it digital would help a great deal.