Mother’s Day – The Disney Way

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Letty has loved all things Disney since she was child. Her first visit to the world was back in 1978. Since then she has returned as a spring break college student; as a young woman traveling with her boyfriend (now husband); and her last visit as a wife and mother of twin girls. Every trip was magical. Keeping her Disney fix between visits, she immerses herself researching all she can about the Disney Company. She reads about resort operations, movie profits, cruise lines, theatrical productions, merchandise, and global operations. She looks forward to sharing her research about this company that has created magic for generations.


Now that finally the last of the snow has melted away I can finally start thinking about flowers. Not planting them. Oh no. I really like my mani/pedi. I do not have a green thumb in the slightest. But receiving flowers is always special. It is especially special when I get a lovely bouquet on Mother’s Day. I usually do. My husband and my two girls always present me with flowers that speak of their love and gratitude for me. Ahh. It is very sweet. I’m now going to dream about what else could bestow the same sentiment, only with a little (or big) Disney twist.

Open letter to my husband and children. You all have been the light of life for many years now. I do so love the flowers for Mother’s Day I get every year. May I perhaps offer some alternative gift ideas? I will share these with the reading audience of the Disney Driven Life.

For Mother’s Day I would like to spend the day at a Disney park. Specifically, Disneyland Paris. Yes, I said it. I’m dreaming right? Let me dream. I would very much like to arrive  two nights before this way I am fully awake and alert to spend the whole day at Disneyland Paris. I understand Disneyland Paris is the most beautiful of the Disney parks. I’d like to see if that is true.

I understand completely if Disneyland Paris is not practical, (seriously we all know it isn’t,) so allow me to downsize. For Mother’s Day, I would like go to Mickey’s of Glendale. I have often heard about this store in California. There is no website that I could locate. It does not have a online store. Can’t explain this shroud of mystery. That mystery alone is intriguing me. I want to go there. Yes I know I live in New York. Should I downsize again? Ok, give me another shot.

For Mother’s Day I would like to visit the private Cinderella suite in the castle at the Magic Kingdom. I don’t need to stay the night. Oh no. A suite at the Contemporary Hotel will do just fine. I only need a tour of the Cinderella suite. That would be fine. How about a short nap on her bed. And then a quick soak in the tub. Ahh. That would be lovely. Oh. Not do-able either? Ok. Am I downsizing again?

I would like a Dooney & Burke handbag from the Disney store.You will have to go online since the Disney Store at the mall does not carry them. Note to Disney Store management: Since so many mothers are in your store you really should have a section devoted to merchandise I want to buy like: handbags, jewlery and perfume. Really. Perfume! Haven’t you figured out by now you can make a mint with each princess or villain with her own scent? Personally, I wouldn’t mind a scent that is just a tad evil. Ok, I digress. Back to Mother’s Day gifts.

In summary, for Mother’s Day, this neurotic Disney mom would love a day in Disneyland Paris or a visit to Mickey’s of Glendale. Something really nice from the Disney store is also a excellent idea. However, ultimately, I know in my heart the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

All I want is to watch Disney movies all day with my family. On a big screen tv.