EPCOT for Memorial Day

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There are so many great ways to celebrate Memorial Day and honoring those who’ve fallen while serving in the armed forces. If you’re at EPCOT on or around Memorial Day, I recommend visiting The American Adventure Pavilion. It’s a chance to have, well, an American experience.

You can geek out on the forced perspective, or just look at the details from American history.

The pavilion is loaded with details about America, and catching a performance by The Voices of Liberty is an EPCOT must-do. And you get the added benefit of sitting for a while in the air conditioning! The American Adventure attraction is also another EPCOT must-do.

You'll be glad you saw the performance

You’ll be glad you caught the performance

Sadly, last year saw changes at EPCOT, and I know not all Disney fans were pleased. Some changes got more attention than others, but I was saddened to see The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps run come to a close. As a former musician, I have an appreciation for live music performers, especially drummers. I also liked the fact that The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps helped preserve a musical genre that is ever fading with the passage of time, while also honoring American history.

We had the good fortune to spend some time visiting with the group after a performance, and as you’d expect from interactions with Cast Members, they couldn’t have been nicer to us.

EPCOT Spirit of America

it’s hard enough to play well while standing still, but they moved with great precision too

EPCOT Spirit of America Battery

drumming is tough – but they made it look easy

EPCOT Spirit of America Fife players EPCOT Spirit of America 3

Even though one of my favorite acts is gone, visiting The American Adventure Pavilion is a pretty neat thing to do whenever you get a chance, much less on Memorial Day. I hope you visit the next time you’re at EPCOT.

EPCOT Spirit of America 2