Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 – Episode 3

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What a week! There’s been a lot going on, so it took a while to get this recap done.

This week’s episode begins with a preview of what’s to come. I guess Katilyn kisses everyone. Then there’s going to be a stand-up comedy group date, AND a boxing group date. And there’s going to be some drama involving Kupah. Uh oh.

The show opens with a deep conversation between Chris and Kaitlyn. Then the guys have a round table discussion. Deep strategizing. Followed by a sad phone call from Britt to her Mom. Then there’s a knock on the door and it’s…Brady! Yay! Remember last week where Britt gets sent home? Well, she at least gets a consolation prize! Nope, not a washer/dryer set, but Brady. He really liked her – enough to bail on Season 11 and go after Britt, so I have to respect that. I’m pulling for them, as long as we don’t have to watch them gush over each other too much. Is there a ball game on?

Next Chris lays out the agenda – 1 individual date, and 2 group dates. Of course Kupah gets picked to go boxing. That dude looks like he can fight. Seriously. And they’re drinking in the limo on the way – naturally.

They pull up to an abandoned warehouse. Reminds me of Rocky III. And of course there’s a “fight for her heart” metaphor followed by boxing lessons. Kupah looks like he belongs there, and I guess he thinks so too because he is FOCUSED on boxing. Kaitlyn notices too.

And now we’re going to fight. I want to Laila and Kupah fight. No worries – if Tony the Healer were there, no one should get hurt. By the way, I ask again, what’s up with that shiner, Tony? Or better yet, bring back Ryan from last week. I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!

JARED ACTUALLY KNOCKS DOWN KUPAH! Are you kidding? As a reward, he gets to fight Ben Z. He’s gotta be thinking “wow, thanks ABC!” Unsurprisingly, he’s laid out. I think he’s overblowing it so Kaitlyn will feel sorry for him – or maybe Ben Z. popped him pretty good. No worries, Jared – I’d have run away from that guy, tripped myself, and laid on the canvas.

Big bouncer guy is back – checking on Jared. He’s going to the hospital. So he misses out on the post boxing cocktail party where Kaitlyn talks to the guys. So unfair. Watching this part is excruciating. At the end of the season, instead of a final rose, I hope I get some cool socks or hair gel like these guys.

Kaitlyn gets a note that interrupts her one on one time. It’s Jared, standing under his own power. And he wants to go for a walk – strong! And gets a kiss. Kaitlyn saw fireworks – I wonder if the fireworks Jared saw were stronger?

Back to the guys back at the mansion. Sitting around drinking. ABC could save money and shoot these shows at a frat house.

Clint gets a one on one date. JJ isn’t worried – sure. Back to boxing group date – Ben gets group date rose. Smart. Keep the giant happy.

Clint and Kaitlyn go on a “one on one” date. Kaitlyn loves the drawing – I don’t, but hey, my opinion doesn’t matter. They’re going on an underwater photo shoot. So this an improvement – some cool photography coming. And then an interlude with Tony the Healer. I love this guy. Please give us a show with him and Ryan.

The photo shoot goes well, Followed by another group date. I love Tony’s interludes – the background music adds to the sense that ABC knew they had a winner there. JJ calls Tony’s interludes “nightmare fuel.” I disagree. And of course, Clint gets a rose!

Now they’re going on the stand-up comedy group date. Amy Schumer is going to help with the stand-up comedy. I’m sorry to say I’m not familiar with her. She seems funny. JJ was hoping it’s stand-up comedy. He’s pretty confident about his sense of humor, and that he’s getting the rose. JJ bombs on the first joke. This isn’t going to work. Maybe they should have had a math contest. Where’s Tony the Healer? Amy says JJ is missing out on charisma. Best. Insight. Ever.

Some of the guys are funny. Where’s Tony? Oh, here he is! Tony gives an Oscar acceptance speech instead of doing stand-up comedy. Excruciating. JJ says Tony made his brain shutdown. I seriously doubt it. I think Tony is probably the smartest guy in the room. He talks about the switch being flipped – after talking to Kaitlyn about Britt. Brilliance.

And then we cut back to the guys at the mansion. Again, goofing off and drinking. I should buy stock in ANY adult beverage company. And hair gel. JJ gets a rose. You’ve gotta be kidding. Maybe this was Kaitlyn’s attempt at a joke. Fail. JJ is clearly the most disliked guy. He made Kupah mad. I was hoping Kupah would show his boxing skills again.

JJ, Ryan, and Tony should get a show. That would be award winning TV. JJ has succeeded in cracking Tony’s placid demeanor. If JJ gets hurt, don’t plan on seeing Tony use his powers on JJ.

And then Kupah goes off the rails. I’m kind of bummed by this because I like him and fear him at the same time. What’s clear is he and Kaitlyn haven’t connected. Watching this is also painful. Kaitlyn just dropped the hammer on Kupah. I can’t blame her, but he did it to himself.

He goes in and blabs about their conversation, and Kaitlyn overhears. Now you’ve done it. He just got fired by Trump, voted off Survivor, and dumped by the Bachelorette all in ten minutes. Guys, when you sense you’re about to crash and burn, talk more about her personality instead of her looks. Disappointed. Most. Awkward. Hug. Ever.

And this carries on to next week? This is better than wrestling!!!

  • Chris White

    should have read “if Tony the Healer were there” when talking about the boxing

  • fixed! So sorry to have missed that!