The Bachelorette Recap – Season 11 Episode 4

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If you remember, last time we ended with what turns out to be the beginning of Kupah’s epic meltdown. It continues this week, and it turns out he was just getting started. This has to make a top 10, post “booted off the show” meltdown list.

Was it just me, or was that a REALLY scary smile he gave Kaitlyn as he promised he wouldn’t yell anymore? Yeah, as if that’s gonna make it better. Was he really saying, “Let’s start over?” Whatever his intent, he has to endure the ride of shame.

I thought there’d be no rose ceremony – but there’ll be one! Yes! I like the attrition rate so far – 3 guys gone per episode means a shortened season, right? Win.

Tony says he wants to make us think about what we really want. I tell you what I really want – a show with him, Ryan, and Kupah.

Jared gets a rose. He better, considering the whooping he got in the last episode. Tony gets the last rose. Wow. Stunned.

Remember how I said the last episode was like wrestling? Well, it turns out there’s gonna be some wrestling this week – sumo wrestling. That’s great, but I’d like to see these guys whack each other with some steel chairs or something. That’s great TV.

I like the wake up call – reminds me of the Power Station song “Bang a Gong.” They announce the list, and Tony’s going wrestling. Awesome. And they get to wear a rolled up fire hose. At first this is almost unwatchable. I’m not getting paid enough for this.

And now the guys get to go up against PROFESSIONAL SUMO WRESTLERS. I was glad to see JJ get tossed. And then, Tony. I love how he trash talks a bit to get in the sumo wrestler’s head. Maybe that’s what he’s doing to the other guys. He gave it a good effort, but then gives a soliloquy about having the heart of a warrior and the spirit of a gypsy. And instead of scoring points with Kaitlyn, he gets in an argument with her. Enter JJ. And now more drama – and it doesn’t look good for Tony. The guy needs to stop talking and show his peaceful side instead of arguing.

And this followed by a public display of wrestling skills against each other. But first, Kaitlyn wrestles and somehow wins. Turns out this is rigged just like TV wrestling. Joe (Mr. Moonshine) vs. JJ. Come on Joe. Joe wins – yes!!!!!! Then Clint starts mowing people down.

Cut to Tony’s bleepfest back at the mansion. I guess he and Kupah are more alike than I thought. No Tony – don’t leave!!!!!!! Tony bails – not the guy I want to see leave now, but if it narrows down the list, I’m all for it. This is followed by a heady strategy session between JJ and Clint. This must be what it was like to watch George Washington hold a council of war. Or not.

Then Kaitlyn approaches Clint and he blows her off. Keep in mind this is the guy who drew Chris Harrison on a triceratops. Clint blows it and doesn’t get the rose. And he’s not at all troubled by it. Ben Z. gets a one on one date. Like I said last time – keep the giant happy. They’re rewarded with having to do a brain teaser/trust exercise thing. Not cool. But I have to say, she’s with the right guy.

So there’s a series of problems to solve, mixed in with a house of horrors. And a scorpion and bugs, some sort of countdown to a gas release. Snakes – why’d it have to be snakes? Ben Z. reaches into a nasty toilet to grab a clue, while dealing with snakes. They escape just in time. I don’t know why anyone worried – ABC wasn’t going to hurt the animals in that room, because, lawsuits.

And then the cut to commercial takes a turn, and I’m not talking about the conversation with the kids. Group date coming up, but first Ben Z. gets a rose. He deserves it.

The group date goes to a school, but then the show kind of goes off the rails for me, because I don’t think this was an appropriate adult/kid conversation to broadcast. Inappropriate, and I don’t like the way this was handled. If one of my kids were in the classroom and this happened, I’d have gone full on Kupah. I can’t say enough how much I disliked this. I know this is an adult show – they should’ve kept the kids out of this. Ok – enough of that.

In the biggest insight of the night, Ben H. points out the building from the first Die Hard movie. This is followed by the Clint and JJ show. This is so painful to watch. I’m not kidding either. I’d rather watch non-stop video highlights of the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series (I’m a Cubs fan).

Ben gets the group date rose. When we come back from commercial, it’s the pre-rose ceremony round table discussion. JJ says the only smart thing I’ve heard from him, which is he’d like to see 4-5 guys get eliminated. Me too, JJ. Clint says he’s feeling fine – I hope that’s not a bit of negative foreshadowing. So Clint grabs Kaitlyn for pre-emptive damage control. We’ll see. Did Clint just say he’s not interested in Kaitlyn? If he’s being serious with his comments he’s playing Kaitlyn and that’s just plain wrong. Now another great saying – “villain’s gotta vill.” Whatever that means. I do like the JJ/Clint vs. rest of the guys. JJ/Clint need to remember Ben Z. is on the other side.

Clint’s flapping his gums, and then Kaitlyn is gonna drop the hammer. And with that, the episode ends, but not before some previews of what’s to come.

What do you think of this season so far?