Hollywood Studios Photo Bucket List

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Since going to Walt Disney World and Disneyland at a young age, Chris has always enjoyed Disney music, TV shows, movies, and trips to Walt Disney World. But his appreciation of the overall Disney experience has greatly increased over the last few years. While waiting for the next chance to work on his Disney photography skills, Chris passes the time listening to Park/Resort audio, WDW podcasts, and checking out the work of other Disney photographers. To Chris, there are no bad Disney trip photographs or photographers.

Non-Disney pursuits include spending time with his wife and children, watching and listening to baseball broadcasts, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs and LSU. Chris is a third generation professional engineer in Louisiana, working mainly on asbestos, lead, mold and demolition projects. Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisWhitePE and you can check out his Flickr photo stream: chris_white2323.


If you read my posts outlining my Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Photo Bucket Lists, you know I’m working on getting my Disney photography act together, so I’ve made lists of the shots I want to get. My Hollywood Studios list is shorter than my Magic Kingdom and EPCOT lists, and I expect will be a lot easier to accomplish, at least from the aspect of having good photography skills and requiring less free time. One thing though, the park (like the others) is loaded with easily overlooked details that will probably result in a huge expansion in my list because there are things I’ve missed. And other photographs, like the one below, while not too bad, could be better, even if it’s only as a result of shooting from a different location.

I'd like to get a better shot of this scene

I’d like to get a better shot of this scene

Another thing I have to point out, and I forgot to do this in previous posts, is I pretty much limit my list (for now) to photographs that I can get without being tied to a particular event or season. If I’m lucky enough to get all my shots, then maybe I’ll move to Christmas decorations or Star Wars Weekends or something like that. Or if we take a trip during some of these times, I’ll try to expand my lists a bit, time allowing.

one of our favorite restaurants in the park

One of our favorite restaurants in the park

Here’s my Hollywood Studios Photo Bucket List:


Street details/billboards

Tower of Terror (looks great against a pretty blue sky)

money shot - park icon set against a pretty sky

money shot – park icon set against a pretty sky

Echo Lake – crates with movie names

the park is loaded with little details

The park is loaded with little details

Brown Derby & topiaries

Chinese Theater

Toy Story area

Pixar Place Army Men against sky (the shot below isn’t bad, but would like a better one)

different perspective on a neat park detail

Different perspective on a neat park detail

Streets of America details


Street details/billboards

Echo Lake

Tower of Terror


Hollywood Blvd – morning and evening

Sunset Blvd

toward Chinese Theater

away from Chinese Theater

Fantasmic – maybe (I haven’t seen the show in years, so I probably will just sit and watch next time)

details like this make it seem like you've gone back in time

Details like this make it seem like you’ve gone back in time

Do you have a Hollywood Studios Photo Bucket List? Share yours in the comments!