The Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 Episode 6

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When we left off last week, Kaitlyn decided to let some new guy named Nick on the show, and we were awaiting his introduction to the remaining guys (unfortunately, the attrition rate didn’t continue with last week’s episode). And Nick apparently doesn’t own a comb, or either leaves for the day after making no effort to straighten up his unruly hair. He looks like a slacker to me, not to be trusted under any circumstances. The remaining guys are all ticked off because a new guy is showing up 4 weeks into the process, and apparently Nick doesn’t have a sparkling record from his past Bachelorette appearance. But at least JJ seems a little happy because now he’s not the most hated man in the room.

So we start with seeing Nick ride the elevator – like I said last week, not good TV. Finally, we see Nick meet the guys. Let’s just say it’s a chilly reception. Nick keeps referring to Kaitlyn as a “cool chick”. That goes over like a lead balloon. Joshua is not a fan. Nick’s not off to a good start making friends. I’m loving this. With any luck, 2-3 guys could go home this week after some sort of melee. At least Nick doesn’t have to share a sofa with anyone.

So what do we do? You guessed it- a cocktail party and rose ceremony!!! Nothing helps cut the tension like straight liquor. But they’re at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, so there’s a tinge of coolness to this. JJ actually appears to score some points. Tanner and Kaitlyn discuss Nick and lets her know there are concerned guys. Joshua has a gut feeling about Nick – agreed. Shawn has a pretty frank discussion with Kaitlyn, and she counters with how Nick’s coming on to the show doesn’t affect their connection. Um, yeah. It’s as if someone had to draw her a flow chart showing Nick’s entry to the field would impact her other relationships. One thing’s for sure, it’s affected my relationship with this show – the faster the guys get eliminated the sooner I get back to watching baseball. In an original twist, they have the rose ceremony on the baseball field. And out of nowhere, Chris Harrison announces the last rose – which apparently is a difficult observation to make since I only see one on the little rose table. The guy is like a ninja.

Nick gets the last rose. So those guys stood on the field, freezing, just to see Nick the Slacker get the last rose. They announce they’re going to San Antonio. So when we come back from commercial, they’re in San Antonio, and Nick still hasn’t found a comb. Nick, except for Austin, New Orleans, and Key West, we comb our hair down here, son.

So, back to the one on one date. Ben H. and Kaitlyn drive off in a neat old pickup. They’re going dancing. Yay. The only way this could get worse is if the Dancing With The Stars people show up, or they added more guys to the pool. Some of the couples can really dance, and you can tell they’ve been at this awhile. This is like showing up at the Bingo Hall and thinking you’re gonna beat the regulars. Is that Burt Reynolds singing up there? I was hoping they’d play the Dukes of Hazzard theme song. They hung in there for a while but eventually got beat by some old people.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Nick is finally allowed to sit with the other guys on the sofa. Group date announcement, and Nick is included. He better watch it because he may disappear suddenly. Ben H. and Kaitlyn have a nice rooftop dinner. Ben H. gets a rose. We’re a long way into this episode and no one else has gone home. I’m feeling despondent.

Now we’re on to the group date. I find myself getting more annoyed every time I look at Nick. I’ll give him this – he stands out. All these guys with great hair, and he apparently couldn’t care less how his hair looks. So apparently they’re going to write Mariachi songs and perform. Oh boy. At least the hat will cover Nick the Slacker’s hair.

The guys walk out looking like the stars of The Three Amigos. Other than that, some of this is funny, some excruciating, to watch. Then Nick upstages everyone. Nick wins the day, but Josh is close to drop kicking Nick. If only Kupah were still on the show.

Of course, after the group date, they go somewhere to drink. Josh lets Kaitlyn cut his hair. Smart – saves money. Maybe Nick will get a hair cut too. Josh winds up with a bad hair cut – so much for the free hair cut. If he doesn’t get the group date rose, Josh might crush Nick. This could work out – for me! Sure enough, Josh and Nick square off. Afterwards, Josh takes Kaitlyn aside to talk about Nick. This is either a brilliant move, and Nick will go home (yay!!!!) or this will backfire on Josh. Although I’ll be glad to see the field narrowed down, a guy who welds a steel rose is better than a guy who is unwilling or unable to comb his hair.

Then Kaitlyn walks in and confronts Josh. Instead of going badly for Nick, Kaitlyn at one point actually apologizes to Nick. This is NOT looking good for Josh, who’s just been busted for lying about talking to Kaitlyn for the second time when some of the other guys haven’t talked to her yet. And Nick gets the group date rose. I’m about to cry.

Now on to Shawn’s one on one date. They go kayaking down the San Antonio Riverwalk, sit around drinking afterwards, followed by mushiness. Unsurprisingly, Shawn gets a rose. It’s been a long time since anyone’s gone home. Just saying.

And then, Ian is feeling like he’s just spinning his wheels, and of all people he opens up to Nick. What could go wrong? Then the cocktail party starts. I figure it’s time for Josh to flame out, but nope, it’s Ian who decides to scuttle his chances. In a sort of diplomatic way he insults Kaitlyn (if there’s such a thing as diplomatically insulting someone), and then the “to be continued” screen pops up just as Kaitlyn is about to go off. So next week we’ll have to see what happens. Ian’s gone, but I wonder who else is going. They’ve got to start getting some of the guys off the show, or this will just drag on indefinitely.

What’s your take on this week’s episode?