The Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 Episode 7

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At the end of last week’s episode, we were about to see what happened in the aftermath of Ian’s verbal take-down of Kaitlyn. I have to point out that I missed mentioning Chris and that jacket he was wearing to the cocktail party. Dude, Morris Day would be proud of that jacket (one of the benefits of growing up in the 80’s). Trust me when I tell you becoming familiar with Morris Day and the Time is time much better spent than watching this.

So we resume Ian’s discussion with Kaitlyn, and instead of saying, “Hey, this isn’t working out the way I’d hoped, I’m out of here.”, he proceeds to go scorched earth. In the limo he says he’s glad to be out of there. Not as glad as I am, but I wish he’d taken more of the guys with him. And again, he says he should be “The Bachelor” and goes on about how deep he is. I think it’d be great to have a season where they sat around reading the Wall Street Journal. That would certainly bring about the cancellation of the franchise. I’m all for it.

Josh has to be happy because he was going on home. And who swoops in? Of course it’s the guy who can’t (or won’t) comb his hair. Meanwhile, the other guys are beefin’ because Nick’s taking all her time. At least there’s gonna be a rose ceremony – maybe 9 or 10 guys will go home.

And the rose ceremony is held at – THE ALAMO!!!!!! I bet the ghosts of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie are as unhappy as I am. After what I’m guessing is a contractually obligated Chris Harrison sighting, we move on to the rose ceremony. For any of you out there who watch this show, I never want to hear any of you say that baseball games move too slowly. JJ actually gets a rose. You’ve gotta be kidding. So Josh’s gamble backfired. And he leaves with a bad haircut. Chris delivers the news that the group is heading to Ireland. I wonder how the show impacted Irish Whiskey sales. Sure enough, the guys aren’t in the hotel 30 seconds and someone mentions Irish Whiskey. Told you.

And to the great pleasure of the other guys, Nick gets the first one on one date. You know, if she’s all that into Nick, please just end the show. Please. Kaitlyn is afraid of birds. In addition to having to watch this, I have to watch a dancing interlude. And then Nick pulls a brilliant move in buying what could be wedding rings at a street vendor. Who says you gotta go to Jared? Ha ha ha!!!!!!! I bet the on the show Jared wouldn’t like that reference. Since he can’t afford a comb, we shouldn’t be surprised that he won’t enter a jewelry store.

This drags out way too long and I have to admit to not watching this because I don’t agree with the content. In all seriousness, this is trashy, and should be reserved for paid cable channels. This is like the part of the episode featuring the school kids a few weeks ago. Totally inappropriate and not the kind of TV for me.

So Nick walks in and is wearing the same clothes as yesterday, which in a way shouldn’t be a surprise since he doesn’t comb his hair. Nick leaks some details, which I’m sure is accidental. This could be good because maybe there’ll be a mass exodus.

Then on to a group date. And what do you know? Chris Harrison is in Ireland. He says the worst has happened, and Kaitlyn is dead. Nope – that’s not the worst. Keeping this franchise going is the worst. So there’s going to be a mock Irish wake – this is getting worse by the minute. Some of this is funny, then Ben Z. orders everyone out – and they clear out. Smart move.

And the group date after party is at the Guiness place. It’s as if they just can’t stay away from alcohol. Do they sign contracts saying they agree to drink all the time? Jared gets the group date rose. This is followed by live music. Kind of funny that the chorus is “Do you have to let it linger?”. Exactly! Let’s wrap up the season and get back to what’s important, like baseball season. Shawn tells the other guys he loves Kaitlyn. He’s about to blow a gasket. Kaitlyn apparently has told Shawn he’s it. Shawn’s about to cry right now. Me too. And now I get the feeling the show is about to jump the shark.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?