Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 Episode 8

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So at the end of last week’s episode, Shawn was in the midst of a rather low key meltdown and goes to Kaitlyn’s room to talk. And then, of course, we had to endure the cliffhanger part where the episode ends, and wait to see what happens next week.

On the one hand, why is Shawn surprised that she’s spending time with other guys when he goes on a show where 25 guys are competing for the love of the same woman? And why is Kaitlyn surprised when the guys struggle with how things are going, since she’s been in their position? This is like trying to rationalize the continued existence of Stitch’s Great Escape. And then we have an interlude of deep introspection.

But is there a brawl coming between Shawn and Nick? I sure hope so. But first there’s a date with JJ and Joe. I wonder if Joe brought moonshine to Ireland. They’re going on a boat ride. No, the boat’s name isn’t the SS Minnow. Sure enough, they go on shore and sit around drinking. Joe shares his feelings, and as much as I like this guy, I have the feeling he’s going to get crushed later on. And then JJ gets some one on one time. He bares his soul, and I’m not sure how this revelation is received. JJ gets sent home – I wonder if he has to swim back? But Joe doesn’t get the rose right away, and it makes me wonder if he’s gone too. Maybe he and JJ can have a swim race back to the hotel. Nope, Joe is here for a while longer.

Watching Shawn ponder the mysteries of the universe is just difficult. I know ABC has to have as many episodes as possible, but good grief. Shawn doesn’t seem to understand how this process works. I kind of like the guy, but he seems to think he’s the only one with a shot here, and the other guys are just along for the ride.

Joe comes in with a rose and talks about how well it went – the look on Shawn’s face is priceless. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – every time I see this guy he has a beer in his hand. Maybe that’s it. The bottom line is each time things aren’t going Shawn’s way, he’s going off the rails. I’m starting to dislike Nick a little less.

Can we just hand out roses? Good grief. Like I’ve said, people who joyfully watch this drawn out mess are the same people who complain about how they think baseball games move too slowly.

And then Nick plays the vulnerable-scared-crying-guy card. And later Kaitlyn lets some air out of Shawn’s balloon. Uh oh, 3 roses coming. Now I’m happy – we’re narrowing down the field, but just not rapidly enough for me. But I’m sure there are some 4 hour miniseries length episodes coming. Ben H. gets a rose. Chris pulls off the longshot and gets a rose. Chris Harrison comes in to announce there’s 1 rose left. So glad for that. Shawn gets the last rose. Kaitlyn looks like she was coerced into that.

Ben Z. did not get a rose. I was hopeful he’d throw someone across the room, but no luck. Tanner is gone. I’m disappointed that the rate of guys leaving the show has slowed as drastically as it has. But at the same time, I almost longingly look back at the moments we had with Ryan, Tony, and Kupah. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch.

You gotta wonder if Ben Z. is a front runner to be the next Bachelor. It sure isn’t gonna be Ian. But now they’re off on a road trip. Jared rides with Kaitlyn while the other guys ride the bus. Shawn actually addresses Nick in conversation. Jared side seat drives a little bit during the drive. Not a good move. But they have some good one on one time.

And then – Chris Harrison shows up. What now?? She tells Chris what happened with Shawn and Nick and that she’s made some mistakes. No kidding. Chris says she needs off camera time with the other guys, and they’re changing the schedule. I’m for anything that speeds up this whole deal. By the way, what is Chris Harrison doing while all the show stuff is going on?

Chris announces romantic overnight dates for all the remaining guys. Chris (the dentist, not Harrison) gets the first overnight date. And the teaser going into the commercial doesn’t show them having any fun. I think Chris is about to join the other guys who got whacked. While they’re talking, Kaitlyn breaks down. This isn’t looking good for Chris. All sarcasm aside, it’s not fun watching people’s hopes for love and happiness get dashed. And sure enough, that’s it.

And she flies off in the helicopter, leaving Chris there by the cliff. Not good.

Then we cut to the cliffhanger for next week’s episode. And it looks like there’s some fireworks coming between Nick and Shawn, and of course Shawn appears to interrupt a rose ceremony. Yep – running his playbook. We’ll have to wait to see next week.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Ready to watch some baseball instead?