The Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 Episode 9

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This episode opens with a recap of past events. Looks like there are some fireworks coming, and maybe a confrontation between Shawn and Nick. Maybe the drudgery will end and we’ll have a brawl. Hey, a guy can hope. At this point, I’m for anything that accelerates the departure rate for the guys who don’t make the cut. There’s a clip of Joe saying he’s done with Kaitlyn. I like Joe, but if he bails, that’s gotta shorten the season, right?

The day after Chris got sent home. I just have to ask – did he make it? If you remember, he was stranded, no helicopter, and standing by a cliff overlooking the ocean. They’re still in Ireland, which prompts me to wonder if ABC cut the travel budget due to the costs of Magic Band technology.

Ben H. gets the first date of this episode – a boat ride. Too bad it’s not Scotland – they could look for Nessie while they’re on the water. Kaitlyn tells Ben he’s husband material. Uh oh. That usually means the opposite happens later. Ben H. toast Kaitlyn, thanking her for taking him on these dates that otherwise would be ordinary or something like that. Shouldn’t Ben thank ABC? Just saying.

Joe, Shawn, and Nick are going on a group date. And of course, the group date opens up with adult beverages. And true to form, Shawn grabs Kaitlyn almost immediately. Oh man, right when there’s about to be some beefin’ with Shawn and Kaitlyn, Nick walks up. I bet there’s a conspiracy going on behind the scenes. Joe gives the best speech during his alone time with Kaitlyn.

And of course, she drops the hammer on him after saying she’s going to be brutally honest. They’re not on the same page. He says he’s not upset – his body language says otherwise. And it ends badly. They were gone so long that Shawn and Nick were actually talking. No rose given during the group date. But we’re down to 4.

Now more one on one time for Shawn and Kaitlyn. I’m telling you – every time I see Shawn he’s got a beer in his hand. Here it comes – another moment of truth. His reaction, wipes beer on his sleeve. He’s got ice in his veins. He says he’s gonna man up and deal with it – I’ll believe it when I see it.

Shawn is fixated on the conversation he had with Kaitlyn in San Antonio, where she told him he’s the one. Oh, and he remains fixated on Nick.

And we’re going straight to the rose ceremony – which means it’s gonna take the next hour and a half to broadcast. There’s no “straight to anything” on this show, except straight to a cocktail party.

Shawn is the first to get a rose, but in typical Shawn fashion, says he needs to talk to Kaitlyn. Shawn is trying to bump Nick from his place on my least-liked-remaining-guy list. Nick’s hair is too bad – maybe Shawn’s hair is too good. Ladies, go for a guy with what I’m gonna call middle-of-the-road hair. From my unscientific watching of this show, that seems a good way to judge character.

Shawn starts by saying he did a lot of thinking last night. I’m struggling not to pile on at this point. But why talk about it now, other than to show up the other guys? So we go back to the charade that is the rose ceremony. He accepts the rose, albeit reluctantly. The other guys look ticked off. Ben gets the second rose. And of course, the music crescendos, and Chris Harrison makes the necessary announcement that there’s only one rose left. No rose for Jared.

Next, there’s a one on one date for Nick and Kaitlyn. They have a nice day, and while sitting in a pub, 3 guys walk up to their table. For a moment I’m terrified that these old guys want to join the show. But on a certain level, that’d be poetic justice for Nick. Nope, no new guys. That was a close one.

Later, Nick and Kaitlyn are having this conversation, and Shawn comes up. A storm is brewing – figuratively and literally.

Cut to the morning – and Shawn is looking for Nick. This is getting old. Shawn should either come to grips with Nick’s presence or hit the road. I’d prefer the latter. Shawn confronts Nick, and of course, it’s to be continued. I wish these two would get stuck in an elevator.

And as the show ends, we get a Brady-Britt update. They’re gonna try long distance dating. Not sure I’d take odds on this.

Anyhow, this week wasn’t as depressing as last week, but not by much. But I’m dreading the next episodes because you know this is going to drag out longer than the wait in the doctor’s office lobby.

What did you think of this week?