Disney’s Animal Kingdom Photo Bucket List

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getting this shot is pretty much mandatory - and not all that tough

Getting this shot is pretty much mandatory – and not all that tough

This post covers my Disney’s Animal Kingdom Photo Bucket List, which goes along with my posts about Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios lists. Like my list for Hollywood Studios, this list (for now) is pretty short and isn’t loaded with shots that’ll take a lot of time or technical skill to complete. In some ways, though, that’s a good thing, because my Magic Kingdom and EPCOT lists are long and have some shots that will take some time and skill to knock out.

Another good thing is I have some pretty decent shots from Kilimanjaro Safaris, and of the Tree of Life and Everest. So in some ways I can try to get unique shots as we walk around (and yes, there’s a ton of walking!).

And I suspect my family will appreciate what will seem to them a more casual approach to photography as we tour Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. “Topiary photography” is still a running joke in our house after our last trip.

So here’s my list for Animal Kingdom:


Harambe Market – new details (I’m not going to take pictures of the new snacks)
Tree of Life from River spot – walk to Asia
Tree of Life – new roots details
Asia – details
Everest – queue details (don’t run through the line here if you can help it – there are really neat details to see)
Flame Tree BBQ sitting area looking to Everest
Trails – so many animals to see
getting this shot gives you an excuse to eat some pretty good food too

Getting this shot gives you an excuse to eat some pretty good food too

Tree of Life from Oasis 
Africa – Harambe Market details 
River shots
Tree of Life from Oasis
Flame Tree BBQ sitting area looking to Everest
River shots
Everest west across water
Kilimanjaro Safaris


As I mentioned last time, this list (and the others too) will change as the parks change. I’m not sure what Avatar Land will be like, so I’ll wait to see what’s there (or better yet, read some of your reviews!). I’m also anxious to see what the Rivers of Light and other changes will bring to the park. Animal Kingdom has been derided as a “half day” park, and from all reports, Disney is trying to change that perception by adding shows and attractions that will keep guests from leaving early.

Do you have a Photo Bucket List for Animal Kingdom or any of the other parks? Have I overlooked a great shot? Share yours in the comments!