The Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 Episode 10

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BacheloretteWe left off the last episode with some beefin’ between Shawn and Nick. I guess it must be the whole “Fightin’ Irish” thing since they’re still in Ireland. And just so you’ll know, Shawn and Nick are both in 10th grade mentally. After a bleepfest, Shawn walks out. So much for my hopes of them brawling, causing the exit of both from the show.

Now, on to the overnight with Ben: a horse ride, followed by a visit to the petting zoo. They’re off to a good start – and so this naturally brings about a feeling of impending doom for Ben.

Shawn and Nick might just knock each other out of this thing (too bad not in a real fight) through their actions. I really miss Ryan (“I apologize for nothing!”), Kupah, and Tony the Healer.

Shawn and Kaitlyn’s date starts – they’re playing golf. Their golf outfits are awesome. Kaitlyn beats Shawn at golf. And then more, pretty much unwatchable, TV. Each time something like this airs, I can’t help but think how unnecessary this is, and also wonder how Walt Disney would react. Later on, they talk about Nick. Bleep, bleep, bleep. More fireworks to come between Shawn and Nick. By the way, have you seen Chris Harrison’s notes? He apparently has great penmanship.

I bet Shawn heads straight to Nick. Sure enough, he runs into Nick right off. I bet the show producers have strategy sessions on how to get these two guys stuck together. Shawn’s ready to throw down, but Nick seems to want an intellectual discussion.

Just a side note – whoever presses the bleep button probably has carpal tunnel syndrome by now. Wow.

Chris Harrison shows up for a Dr. Phil session/debrief with Kaitlyn. The good news is, tonight is the last rose ceremony, which means this long, winding road is coming to an end, but the rest of the season will probably drag out. Looks like Nick is growing a beard – maybe he’s hoping since he and Shawn act alike and are the frontrunners, if they both look alike, he’ll gain an advantage. He may not be able to find a comb, but he’s a crafty one. And it works, because Nick gets a rose first. Goodbye Ben. Well, I guess you know who the next Bachelor is.

And now we’re on to meeting the families. Nick’s family is up first. Apparently, some of Nick’s family members own combs, while others don’t. Some of this is pretty awkward, and then good, because you remember these are real people with families, as opposed to reality show personalities. The meet and greet with Nick’s family seems to go well. Then Nick and Kaitlyn are alone and the mushiness factor is a 15 on a 10 scale.

Now on to Shawn’s family. Apparently Shawn’s dad is the only realist at the resort in Utah – he asks some really good, probing questions of Shawn. But he ultimately backs Shawn. This is followed by Kaitlyn and Shawn having a heart to heart talk that makes me want to gag.

This is followed by some introspection where Kaitlyn seems surprised that someone is going to get hurt in this process.

Apparently next week there’s a reunion show with all the guys who got whacked. That’s either gonna be really good, or really not. And then in 2 weeks, the Finale!!!! At least there’s half of  Major League Baseball Season left.

So, what did you think of this week?