The Bachelorette Recap: Season 11 Episode 11

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This week starts with an introduction for Bachelor in Paradise. And great news – 2 episodes a week! This train just never stops. I can tell I’ll be giving this one a pass.

Back to the reunion – all the guys are here! Ryan, Tony, Kupah – all of ‘em. Sure hope more memorable quotes are coming. But I have to ask – why no cocktail party during the tell all part? There is a recap of Ryan’s first impression. Some JJ and Clint highlights. Ian’s meltdown. Great TV, and also a way for ABC to kill time. Well done. Like I said before, gotta pay off the Magic Band expenses.That takes a lot of ad revenue.

Tanner starts by giving an earful to Ian. And Ian decides to act like he’s teaching some sort of drama class. But apparently, it was a sincere apology, so ok then. Some bro-hugs from the others guys. Up next, Clint is skewered. JJ doesn’t handle the explanation well. Chris the Dentist is rocking the Morris Day jacket. Looks like Josh recovered from the bad haircut.

JJ gets in the hotseat. He takes a fair amount of heat, but given how awkward he must’ve felt, he handled it pretty well. Next up, Ben Z. Chris Harrison better not make the giant mad. Chris Harrison says he’s crying inside. Me too, Chris. Me too.

Jared is up next. First he gets beat up by Ben Z., now he’s got to sit there in front of everyone and relive heartache. I bet ABC isn’t his favorite network. Next up: Ben H. I’ll be shocked if he’s not the next Bachelor. And then Kaitlyn’s up. Wow, some of the comments.

Are we not going to hear from Ryan, Tony and Kupah?

And then, Ryan gets up to speak! And then Ian apologizes directly to Kaitlyn. Blooper reel footage of Tony getting cannon balled by the big guy is awesome. But not a word from Tony. Bummer.

And with that, this episode is over, but not before Chris Harrison reminds us that the season finale is next week.

So what did you think about this week’s episode?