Disney/Pixar’s CARS Pop! Vinyls

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Wasn’t a typical Disney fan growing up, really not familiar with the movies, characters and/or theme parks. Was a DC Comic fan. Was with the birth of my daughter that I was introduced to Disney. For some, it ‘all started with a Mouse.’ For me, it all ‘started with a Mermaid.’ I learned of the Disney films and characters through her eyes and now am a die-hard Disney fan. Been a Disney Vacation Club member since 2003 and get down to Walt Disney World twice a year and Disneyland/Disney California Adventure at least every other year. Am a HUGE Cars fan, reason Disney California Adventure is my favorite park. Radiator Springs is like stepping into the film for me.
I ran a website on the Walt Disney Classics Collection from 1997-2012 when the line was suspended. In 2007 I started my blog.
When not visiting the parks and collecting Cars diecast, am a Controller for an accounting firm in Pittsburgh, PA (home of the Penguins, Pirates and Steelers).


If it’s something Disney/Pixar Cars related, chances are pretty good it’s going to be added to my collection. Since my Cars Collecting started in 2007, in addition to the diecast releases, have collected metal/tin signs, Shake ‘n Go and Crash ‘Em releases.

Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don HThis week, Funko released its first releases from Disney/Pixar Cars.  The release consisted of Mater, Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and Ramone.  Mater, being my favorite character from the film, was a no-brainer that I would be adding him to my collection.  How can you have Mater without his best buddy,  Lightning McQueen?   I liked these immediately from the photo when announced (see below), even more so in person.

Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don H  Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don H

Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don H Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don H

Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don H Funko POP Vinyl Cars - Don H

There is great detail on all four. Their designs still look like Pop! Vinyls, but have a style all their own. I also like how Funko redesigned the boxes to fit the characters, instead of trying to fit the characters to the boxes. I appreciate them adding in Mater’s teeth, but I feel a mouth of some sort would have made Lightning, Ramone and Doc’s design look that much better.

As of this writing, I picked up three of the four, how soon before Doc joins my collection? ☺


Disney Pixar pop funko vinyl -

It didn’t take long. As of this posting, Doc Hudson has joined the rest of the gang from Radiator Springs. The gang’s all here… Ka Chow!

Disney Pixar pop funko vinyl - Doc Hudson  Disney Pixar pop funko vinyl - Doc Hudson