DIY Disney Halloween Costumes for Expecting Mothers

Aleisha M. (NDM#150) (46 Posts)

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It is that time of year once again when little ones are trying to decide whether to be Anne, Elsa, Luke or Vader. But these days Halloween has gone beyond a kid’s holiday to one celebrated for both kids and adults alike, after all us adults deserve to have a little fun from time to time. And with so many parties and festivals going on during this time of year, why not have a little fun.

You can have even more fun if you are expecting. Sure those questionable, adult-only costumes may be out of the question for the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dressing up that baby bump of yours. Whether you take it out to celebrate with family or plan to greet trick-or-treaters, here are a couple of Disney inspired, DIY Halloween costumes to think about. These four costumes are not only easy to do but most you can make with things that you already have hanging in your closet.

If you are a fan of Finding Nemo:

One of my favorite scenes is when Darla is trying to capture Nemo out of the dentist office.  Why not reenact the scene with the help of your bump?


Materials Needed:

  • Jeans or a plaid skirt.
  • Purple sweater
  • White sneakers.
  • Poster board and paint.
  • Tin Foil


Step One: Grab a pair a jean shorts or funky skirt, a pair of basic white shoes and a purple sweater for Darla’s outfit. Throw your hair up in to two pigtails and make a fake retainer (make with tin foil) to complete her look.


Step Two: using whatever you prefer (cardstock, poster board both work well) paint a fish bag with Nemo in it.

Step Three: Place the painting on your stomach using tape to hold it in place, leaving your hands free for goodies.

If you are a fan of Monsters University/Monsters Inc.:

I absolutely love Boo, and it is such a simple costume but if you want to include a beloved Monster or two, here is an easy costume to throw together.

mike wazowski halloween costumeMike:

Materials Needed:

  • Neon Green leggings
  • Neon Green or black shirt
  • Paint
  • Green socks/shoes

Step One:  Paint an eye on the shirt.

Step Two: After it is dried, thrown on the green leggings and socks to complete the look.


Materials Needed:

  • Pink long shirt
  • Purple leggings
  • White shoes/socks
  • Kid barrettes

Step One:  Put on the attire

Step Two: Putting your hair up in two high pig tails making sure not to forget those plastic hair barrettes

Step Three: For an extra effect grab a stuffed Sully found at any local Disney Store.

If you are a fan of Once Upon A Time:

Snow  White while pregnant:

For this I went with the look while she was actually Snow White before landing in Storybrooke. This calls for a little more elaboration than the previous outfits but still gorgeous and a fun way to dressing up the bump and looking fabulous while doing so! This outfit is perfect if your area is expecting a chilly Halloween.


Materials Needed:

  • Long creamed color dress
  • Long cream color cloak.
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Bobby pins
  • Bow or Apple

Step One:  After putting on the dress, place the cloak over top of it, adding the scarf and gloves to finish the outfit

Step Two:  To create Snow’s hair, loosely wave or curl it before letting it down and securing just a couple of strands at the back with bobby pins.

Step Three:  Since Snow in the show was handy with a bow and arrow carry one around for effect. Don’t have a bow? Grab an apple to carry around with you.

Just because you are expecting doesn’t mean you have to skip out of Halloween at all! The key is to have a little fun with it and enjoy, and think of the magic next year this fun holiday will bring!

Do you have any other ideas for dressing the baby bump up in Disney fashion this Halloween? Let us know!