It’s a Sign: WDW 25th Anniversary (1996) – Throwback Thursday

Genevieve P. (NDW#100) (16 Posts)

Genevieve is an Orlando based writer with a love for her adopted city. Growing up in Canada, she would dream about her next Disney adventure. After marrying a fellow Disney Geek, they picked up their life and moved to Orlando. When she isn’t found roaming the parks, she is sitting at her desk writing about them. Disney consumes her life, and she wouldn’t want it any other way. Always on a quest for her next Dole Whip with her handsome husband Ryan.


After randomly finding this photo of my best friend and I in Walt Disney World, I spent way too long trying to figure out what year it was taken. If only there was a clue in the picture that could have helped me.. Hmm… Almost like a a sign…

I guess we will never know when it took place, but something about this picture does make me hungry for pink birthday cake. I don’t know why.

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