This Year, I’m Thankful for Bing Bong – No, Really

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This month we’re sharing different Disney related topics that directly (or maybe indirectly) make us feel thankful.

Maybe it’s a hobby, like scrapbooking, or for me, photography, that took off because memories from past vacations got you started. This year, I’m grateful for Bing Bong. You know – from Inside Out. Wait, what?

Before you navigate away from this page, or write me off as having a head injury, go with me for a minute.

First off, I have to admit that I wasn’t excited at all about this movie. It seemed like it’d be ok, but compared to Cars or Planes? Come on.

And then we saw the movie this summer. I’ll try not to give anything away, just in case you’ve not yet see the movie. I’ll reveal this much – Bing Bong is Riley’s imaginary friend, and he helps Joy and Sadness save the day, but not without some bumps along the way. Some of them funny, some of them pretty thought provoking and sad. They show memories from when Riley was a little girl, and she and Bing Bong were inseparable. He was always there for her, never was too tired to play, never said “maybe later”.

Bing Bong, drawn by someone with much more artistic talent than the author

Bing Bong, drawn by someone with much more artistic talent than the author

But as Riley grew, she developed other interests, so Bing Bong had plenty of time on his hands. Even as she grew, Bing Bong was always there and waiting for Riley, even when she didn’t want or need him.

It made me think of our relationships, especially with our immediate families. This doesn’t apply only to those with a spouse or children – we all (I hope so, anyway) have someone we love, and who love us. How often do we say “in a little while” or “maybe later”, only to miss our chance to make up for that time we couldn’t be there for someone who needed us?

This made me think of my wife and children – especially our youngest. She’s almost four, a great age. Think back to your earliest memories – many of us can remember people and events from when we were 3 or 4. But what if something happened to me?

What would she remember? To use the analogy from the movie, would I forever roam among her memories? Or would I be like an imaginary friend, eventually fading away entirely? Not to give it away, but the last scene with Bing Bong gets to me each time.

Bing Bong - from a Google Search of the internet. Source:

Bing Bong – from a Google Search of the internet. Source:

Do my wife and kids know how often I think of them every day, but especially when I’m on the road? I think they know, but sometimes you need to make sure. As I’m typing this, I’m in a crowded airport – yet I’m as alone as one can be while surrounded by so many people. And I don’t like it. I’m glad this isn’t the norm for me.

I have to admit that I get distracted, as we all do, by every day distractions and clutter. Work, running around doing stuff – whatever.

I’m not trying to come across as morbid – I’m saying a kids movie that supposedly has no significant plot line gave me another reminder of what’s most important, and that’s a good thing. This reminder is good any time of year, but especially as we get close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And here’s another reason to be thankful for Bing Bong – we’re on an extended break from watching Frozen!

Ok, that took longer than a minute, but I hope this helps you remember there are those who depend on you, and who are thankful for you. Have a great Thanksgiving.


  • LettyLibrarian

    Loved your post. How very endearing and touching. Please write more.

  • Chris White