Confessions of a Disney-Loving Big Brother

Aleisha M. (NDM#150) (46 Posts)

Growing up inn the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Aleisha has never let distance stop her from enjoying Walt Disney World vacations. From an early age, whether it be on a family vacation or tagging along with a friend on her vacation, she fell in love with the magic and the joy that Disney brought. Now making her own memories as a DVC member with a Star Wars obsessed little boy, she tries to capture the same magical feelings into every day life. She has quickly established a reputation with friends, relatives and coworkers as a real-life Belle. Always with a book in her hand and available to help others plan their magical Disney vacations.

Beyond Disney, Aleisha is a lover of all genres of music; craves a good concert from time to time, considers her food allergies a blessing rather than a curse and can be seen at the good old hockey game during the NHL season.


My son, much like his mom and dad is a huge Disney fan. During a recent dinner, I caught him having a conversation with his 3-month-old sister regarding his love for Disney. When asked, he said he was telling her what he wants to share with her and teach her as she grows up. Some of these were about Park experiences, while others were confessions of things involving Disney outside the parks. With my help and his contributions, he decided to share these confessions with you.

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10 Confessions of a Disney loving big brother (brought to you by my 7 year old)

  1. I am not a huge Princess fan, but I promise I will stand in line with her to meet them just so I can make her happy.
  2. Even if it’s “girly,” I enjoy the Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid ride.
  3. I have been caught singing Let It Go in order to make her stop crying.
  4. Tangled is my favorite Princess movie. I like her long hair.
  5. I still ask mom to sing “Baby Mine” when I am having a bad day.
  6. I have an Ariel doll under my bed that I cant give up quite yet. If found, I tell people I am saving it for her.
  7. I want her to know she doesn’t have to love Princesses, and Star Wars isn’t just for boys. Girls can be strong and love it too.
  8. I love the People Mover, I don’t care how old I am, I am still going to go on it with Mom and Dad.
  9. Maybe she won’t like meeting the characters. I was afraid to meet Darth Vader. He looked really mean.
  10. It’s OK to cry during Disney movies; even us boys do from time to time.

He ended these confessions by adding that he just wants her to know he just cant wait to share the magic with her, even if what she likes is not exactly what he likes. He just wants Disney to make her as happy as it makes him.

Has your little ones made any confessions when it comes to Disney?