Going to Marvel Universe Live? Know Before You Go!

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Facts and Figures Infographic Marvel Universe LiveMarvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes is the largest production ever undertaken by Feld Entertainment, combining state-of-the-art special effects with the latest in robotics, stunt and projection technology for a live performance unlike anything fans have ever seen before. Here are some fun facts and trivia about the behind the scenes of this show. This will definitely be a show you will NOT want to miss!

Tour and Show

Hours it takes to set up the production …. Approx. 2 days

Hours it takes to tear down the production …. Approx. 6 hours

Crew members who travel with the production …. 41

Number of staff members with production …. 8

Number of trucks it takes to transport production …. 25

Number of buses it takes to transport cast, crew & staff …. 5/6 buses

Number of cities on the 2017-2018 tour …. 39

Miles to be traveled during the 2017-2018 tour …. Approx. 16,680 miles

Longest trip of the 2017-2018 tour …. New Orleans to Los Angeles (1,894 miles)

Shortest trip of the 2017-2018 tour …. Ontario, CA to Anaheim, CA (31 miles)


Number of yards of fabric used to make the costumes …. Thousands

Number of costumes in the show …. Over 103 “first cast” plus over 30 understudy costumes

Number of costume pieces that make up the costumes …. Average of 5 but some costumes have over 15!

Number of costumes per cast member …. From 1 to 6 each

Number of costume shops used to make the costumes …. 12 main costume vendors including costumes, prosthetics, electrics, millinery, embroidery, painting, printing, craft, make up, wig making

Total number of people who worked on costumes …. Over 150

  • Some costumes can weigh as little as a couple pounds while others are 50 plus pounds
  • The hair pins we use for the wigs are literally made by Mennonite maidens!


Total number of props in the show …. Approx. 100 props. About 57 different kinds. The show has duplicates of the same type of prop for performers such as Chitauri.

Largest prop in the show …. Loki’s Throne

Smallest prop in the show …. Lectrolink

Unique Fact …. Props for this show are not only used to add more character to each of the scenes, but a lot of the props are built to be usable and practical. A lot of the pieces make up what is similar to a Parkour gym.

What types of stilts are used in the show? …. Skip Stilts, Dry Wall/Big Foots, and Arm pegs

  • A majority of the props require constant fire proofing for safety.
  • The weapons and props have a variety of SFX used including pyro and lasers.