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On October 29, the USS George Washington arrived in Hong Kong to replenish itself in its first portal call to the city.  In order to welcome the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and its personnel, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hosted approximately 200 personnel of the fleet at the Disneyland Resort Pier.
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were there, decked out in their spooky Halloween costumes, to invite the group to enjoy the scary but fun attractions of the Haunted Halloween Event at Hong Kong Disneyland.  The event revolved around the back-story that Tomorrowland was invaded by a dark force, an alien attack. 
Alien Invasion was the core attraction of all the evil that spread throughout Hong Kong Disneyland and to uncover the origin and intentions of the invasion, the resort enlisted the help of the Alien Intelligence Agency.
The naval persons were entreated to show caution as they toured the park because reports revealed a large spacecraft had settled within Hong Kong Disneyland.  Evidence of alien life was detected onboard.  The initial findings of the investigation looked grim as it seemed apparent that the intentions of the ship’s occupants were sinister in nature.  First-hand witnesses that were abducted by the extra-terrestrials revealed that the interior of the spaceship housed many scary factors that were chilling discoveries for those who dared to step onboard.
The dark force invasion was not limited to the gigantic alien aircraft though.  The ranks of the fleet soon found there were other major attractions that branched out from the unfortunate invasion.  The first was the Main Street Haunted Hotel that was home to ghostly souls that roamed its corridors.  Another was the Demon Jungle that resulted in the mysterious disappearance of many explorers.  Space Mountain-Ghost Galaxy also became prey to the beastly mischief of ghosts and ghouls that temporarily haunted the attraction.  At the end of the eerie evening, the naval personnel were able to see Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas as they viewed the Glow in the Park Halloween Parade and stopped by locations throughout the park that enabled visitors to meet Disney characters in spooky garb.
So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
Contributed by: Bigbearsg (NDI#25).  Bigbearsg is our resident Disney Asia news correspondent and creator of the Dis-Asia blog.

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