There are a lot of different places in Walt Disney World to get pizza, but none as unique or authentic as this!

A new restaurant is opening in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion called “Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria.” This restaurant will serve different pastas, meats, fish and authentic pizzas for what has been called an “authentic price” (about $20 US and up for pastas, meats, fish and about $17 US for pizzas). The restaurant already existent in Downtown Disney in Disneyland, and it is not known if this restaurant will be a sit down like the Disneyland location, but I would guess that it is based on the prices.

Word first started circulating about this new restaurant when it was noticed that some trees had been cut down near the back of the pavilion. It has now been confirmed that it is in that area near the back of the Italy pavilion where the restaurant will be located. While construction is underway, there is no word as to when the restaurant is scheduled to be complete.

Contributed by: Jessica C. (NDI#21). Jessica is our resident “Gossip Girl” and creator of The True Disney Fan Blog.

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