Walt Disney World offers Guests unique opportunities to observe a wide variety of wildlife at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  But there are also a fair amount of native “squatters” to be seen in all of the parks.  Keep your eyes open and you’ll see anhinga, great egrets, snowy egrets, cute little lizards and frogs (hint: check out the lily pond in EPCOT’s China) and this guy – the little blue heron.  Herons are closely related to egrets, a fact that is never so evident as when they are juveniles, for they are actually snowy white before they reach maturity.  A mature little blue heron will have a blue-gray body but the neck and head are purplish when they are breeding.  Non-breeding plumage is uniformly bright blue, like our friend here, whom I captured having a rest in one of the EPCOT lagoons several years back.   CLICK HERE to see more colorful birds from Walt Disney World.

Contributed by: Erin is one of our roaming DDL photographers and creator of My Mobile Adventures.


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