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When purchasing into the Disney Vacation Club, you purchase into a home resort. Fear not, Disney lovers, you are not stuck staying here and only here for the rest of all Disney eternity. Buying into a resort as your “home” gives you a booking advantage there.  At 11 months from the date of travel a member can reserve their trip at their home resort. At 7 months from the date of travel a member can book their trip at any DVC resort.

So where should your home resort be? And, to complicate matters more, you can even have multiple home resorts! I thought I would take us on a journey through the DVC Resorts and the amenities within them in the next few posts.

The Boardwalk Villas are nestled between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and of course provide wonderful access and views of the Boardwalk itself! The Villas are attached to the Inn, which is a Disney deluxe resort, and it is easy to see why.

Let’s just imagine an early morning at the World. It is a little foggy over Crescent Lake and there is a warm breeze. You are sitting on your balcony overlooking the Boardwalk with a coffee and a delicious pastry. A couple of early morning runners run by below.

End dream sequence.

But it doesn’t have to be a dream! This is just a common morning for those that stay at the Boardwalk Resort.

The location in the morning is peaceful, but during the day it is right in the middle of all of the action. People headed to activities and restaurants on the Boardwalk and those leisurely strolling to either Epcot or DHS; the walk to Epcot a mere 10 minutes, the walk to DHS just about 15.

So you want to buy into the Boardwalk as your Disney Vacation Club home resort? Good choice. The Villas may have opened in 1996 but they were just completely refurbished and members are reporting they look brand new. They also have two different view categories, which gives you some options when booking with points. A standard view requires fewer points and is perfect for someone wanting to save some points where a preferred/Boardwalk view is perfect for the member with points to splurge.  Believe me, when booking a resort you are sometimes thankful that there is a view that requires less (for example: standard view versus savanna view at Animal Kingdom Lodge) because there will inevitably be a year that you simply don’t have the points available to book the better view and you do not want to borrow.

The Boardwalk Villas are also very hard to reserve at the 7-month window during September-Early November because of Food & Wine. So what does this mean for someone who owns the Villas as a home resort? Remember, that means you have a home resort booking advantage at the 11-month window! So you are pretty much guaranteed to have a room at your beloved Boardwalk any time of the year.

Within walking distance to two theme parks or a beautiful boat ride away and on Crescent Lake within walking distance of many other resorts and restaurants, the Boardwalk is considered by many to be the perfect spot for your home resort. And on the resale market you can pick up a Boardwalk Villas Disney Vacation Club contract at an amazing price!

Some things to consider, unlike the newer resorts the Boardwalk contract ends in 2042 (where, for example, Animal Kingdom Villas ends in 2057) so you will want to contemplate that when estimating your contract’s value. Dues per point and paid yearly are currently $5.36 per point, a little bit higher than other Disney Vacation Club Resorts. This means, for example, that if you purchased a 100 point contract at the Boardwalk this year you would pay $5.36 X 100 = $536 dollars in dues. And note that dues generally increase 2-5% yearly.

I’ve scared you with numbers, haven’t I? I apologize! But I hope you are familiar not only with the Boardwalk after this post but familiar with the items to consider when purchasing a home resort. So are you interested in the Boardwalk? And did you know there are other activities and DVC Resorts on Crescent Lake? Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Katie S.

Contributed by: Katie S. (NDI#30).  Katie is our resident Disney Vacation Club expert and creator of The DVC Life .


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