One of my favorite things to do at EPCOT is grab a seat down by the lagoon at the cantina in Mexico.  Margarita in hand, I’m there to watch the sun go down.  The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resorts loom iconically in the distance and become silhouetted against a dramatic backdrop of fiery orange that glistens golden off the water.  It sort of makes your soul ache a little just to look at it.

I’ve been concerned about the renovations that are being performed on the cantina.  The work is supposed to provide more seating but I’m hoping that doesn’t come at the price of the sunsets!  When I was in the World at the beginning of March, the construction area was completely obscured by those tall walls that bear signs declaring it’s all for our “future enjoyment”.  Well, I hope so – time will tell whether or not those prime sunset seats will still be available.

For more photos of sunsets from the Mexico pavilion, CLICK HERE.

Contributed by: Erin is one of our roaming DDL photographers and creator of My Mobile Adventures.

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