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The kids have been tucked in. Books have been read and the nightlight is secured in your bathroom at Old Key West “just in case”. Grandma has offered to stay with the kids for a bit and tells you and your significant other to go have a night on the town.

What better town than Disney?

Last week we talked a bit about my love affair with Boardwalk Villas so this post will just continue that love. Because one of the best spots adults can enjoy while at Disney is the Boardwalk itself!

The Boardwalk has restaurants, shops and vendors that are open all day. But have you heard the old saying, “the Boardwalk comes alive at night”? Well, that is true of Disney’s Boardwalk as well.

You can consider spending dinner at the ESPN club or simply enjoying some appetizers and drinks while watching the big game. And while the prices have been Disney-fied, the menu has not. Wings, nachos and “boo-yeah” chili all grace the appetizers menu, perfect for the start of a night out.

Afterward, enjoy the atmosphere on the Boardwalk! Street vendors, games and snacks galore! Perfect for a stroll and to take in the sights and sounds of Disney World that many forget can be found outside of the parks.

Where to head for some drinks and music? Atlantic Dance Hall and Jellyrolls are both ideal for this. These Boardwalk venues are open later than any resort bar and fantastic for the night owls out there. Jellyrolls does have a cover, so be prepared, but many say this dueling piano bar can’t be beat.

This post was actually inspired by the Atlantic Dance Hall, believe it or not. Since we have been traveling to Disney we have made some wonderful friends. On a recent trip we traveled from World Showcase over to the Boardwalk area to enjoy the sights and dance some of the real world stress away!  This area might be a new must do for me after a night in World Showcase.

And now it is time to tie this back into DVC. You had wondered where I had strayed to, right? A major selling point of the Boardwalk (and Beach Club) Villas is their proximity to the Boardwalk location. I’ve touched base on this previously; however, I can’t stress enough how important it is at night. Picture this: you’ve been out all day in Epcot and after the park closed, and you tucked the kids in bed, you headed over to Jellyrolls. A night of dueling piano fun has left you broke and beat! A little after 1 a.m. you wander out onto the Boardwalk and it hits you. How do you get back to Old Key West, where you are staying? You don’t have a car so you have limited options. Including: taking a bus to a park and then transferring to Old Key West, taking a bus to Downtown Disney and taking a bus back to Old Key West or depleting your savings account on a pricey taxi!

Granted, at any other time of day, those other choices wouldn’t have been that terrible, but so late at night you just want to get back to your room and put your feet up, right? The Boardwalk and Beach Club Villas are minutes away from the Boardwalk area. You can simply walk back to your room! The kids won’t even know you had left. And that is a reason why I love this area so much. So will you be booking your next stay at the Boardwalk? Let me know!

Photo credit: Katie S.

Contributed by: Katie S. (NDI#30).  Katie is our resident Disney Vacation Club expert and creator of The DVC Life .


  1. Katie,
    I was reading thing going, “it will be a loooooong time before we can pull off date night at Disney that ends at 1 a.m., woefully.” However, we did a Boardwalk day last August and since it is such a great hot spot after 5, we had the candy store to ourselves. No crowds, no lines at the stores, time to chat with folks hanging out on the benches-a great way to cap off Cape May Cafe character breakfast (brunch, really). Would have been lovely to wander up to a villa to nap, but it was a great place to explore. Brides were being photographed. Tweens searched for Hidden Mickeys. Fun.
    I'l leaning towards OKW for our home resort, which is good to know about myself. I mean, ourselves. It is great to read about what resorts and amenities work for different lifestyles.

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