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Last week, I was listening to JL Knopp, the Disney Driven Life’s creator of all things neurotic on the WDW Today Podcast with Len Testa of and Matt Hochberg of If you somehow managed to miss the show, it is episode number 714 here.

While listening to the show a light bulb went off with an idea for a blog article. As many of you know Len Testa is the co-author of The Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World. It got me thinking, Len probably knows his way around Disney World as well as anyone. If there’s anybody who would know how and what to pack for a Walt Disney World vacation it would be Len Testa, right?

So, what would Len Pack? Well, I put together a list of items that I think might accompany Len to Walt Disney World.

A ‘Misery Loves Sherman’ tooth brush and barely used dental floss.

Horizons scented deodorant and cologne.

The early morning breakfast elixir, Canadian maple syrup.

Something almost as important to Len as Disney, Van Halen music.

Buzz Lightyear pajamas and Goofy slippers.

Boxers and briefs because no one really wants to know.

Plaid Bermuda shorts in every color of the rainbow.

His “Chick Magnet” T-shirt.

Hidden Mickey argyle socks.

A rain poncho with built in flask and straw.

A poster of Lou Mongello.

Bottles of water refilled with Len’s favorite intoxicating beverage.

Pal Mickey reconfigured with the Lines app.

In case of trouble with the law, a Studios Central t-shirt and fake drivers license identifying Len as Matt Hochberg.

Waffle House FASTPASS.

Travel size Grooler, “it’s a grill and a cooler.”

Garlic and onion bagels because they bake so well in the back seat of a car and the distinct aroma is the perfect tracking device to find your vehicle in a Walt Disney World parking lot.

Donald Duck alarm clock to quack you up in the morning.

Something tells me this isn’t all Len would pack for a trip to Walt Disney World. So, if you can think of something else Len would pack please write in with your comments.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the show I suggest you check out their past episodes and the WDW Today Podcast Wiki. Also, you can catch new shows with Len Testa, Matt Hotchberg, Mike Newell, Mike Scopa, and the oft missing but always fabulous Annette Owens every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as they bring their Walt Disney World expertise and shenanigans to the internet airwaves at and iTunes.

Contributed by: Stuart S. (NDD #47).  Stuart is our resident Disney geek and creator of Disney Geek Dad.

3 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD LEN PACK?

  1. Kudos, that's funny stuff. But, two corrections, the Lou Mongello Poster is both life-sized, and wallet sized, very convenient! The Waffle House offers FASTGAS, which is similar to a FASTPASS, it just passes thru you much faster. Oh, also a Fake WDW Resort Key/ID, since Len is always “testing” off-property dives, for research purposes only.

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