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Often times Saratoga Springs gets a bad rap. It’s big. Bus service isn’t good. If I book my DVC trip last minute I’ll only get Saratoga.

But my firm opinion is that you have to look at the good values to realize how the resort can benefit those who stay there overall.

I wanted to take a quick glance at a new offering that will hopefully make Saratoga more appealing to many. And to digress for a moment, I truly love this resort. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Saratoga really does have a ton to offer DVC members and those who have booked it with a great rate on cash.  You just have to know how to maneuver the resort. If you understand that you can experience the gorgeous setting and location, as well as have a chance to catch the otter family that lives on Saratoga property!

Okay, now that I have confessed my undying love for Saratoga, I can continue.

Recently DVC announced a new feature pool at this resort. It will be located in the Paddock section of Saratoga Springs. Yes, Saratoga is big, so this new pool will offer another location for guests to swim, soak in the sun, and enjoy a snack. This will also relieve many of the complaints that, from some locations of the resort, it is simply too far to walk to High Rock Springs (the current only feature pool).

The pool is going to be magnificent.  The pool is currently considered a quiet or leisure pool so this expansion will triple it in size. A waterslide will be added as well. There will be a children’s play area and lifeguards will be on duty.  The addition of the waterslide and play area as well as the lifeguards added is a game changer for many staying at Saratoga. This pool may even rival the current one!

In addition to the pool there is another surprise. A quick service dining location will be added near the pool in the Paddock section! Is there anything more enjoyable than a burger and fries in your bathing suit? I think not. Currently when using quiet pools in the Paddock, Congress Park or Grandstand sections the guests would be limited to a drink service with limited snacks (if they had that at all!). With the addition of this counter service is expands guest’s options for good eats at Saratoga.

The addition of the counter service location will also provide benefits beyond the pool. It lowers crowds at the current and only counter service location at the resort during very busy times like lunch and dinner and it will provide a viable option for those not wanting to walk to the main part of the resort for a snack and to quickly refill their mug. Because is there anything worse than having to walk a half a mile in your bathing suit to refill you diet coke with lemon?

Overall these additions can be taken as big or small. To me, these are large improvements that DVC is making in order to please the members. It may sound silly when I laugh about walking in your bathing suit to refill your mug, but these are the things that can make or break a resort. The location of amenities, how long you wait in line for lunch at the counter service when the kids just want to play in the pool, these are things that people often base their opinion of the resort on! And these additions at Saratoga, I believe, are really going to change how people perceive the resort. But what do you think? DVC Members, is Saratoga your last “resort”? Non-members, would you book here on cash? Tweet me @kidanikatie and let me know!

Contributed by: Katie S. (NDI#30).  Katie is our resident Disney Vacation Club expert and creator of The DVC Life .


  1. I think you are spot on, Katie. I stayed at Saratoga last December. It was beautiful. It was relaxing. And that otter family is so durned cute! But I had a room that was close to the carriage house, so my coming and going for resort activities was not a burden. I can see how a long walk to find worthwhile activity would have made me change my tune. I think the new feature pool will be a game changer as you say, and put Saratoga Springs in a little higher demand.

  2. Trying to find out how the new pool at Saratoga is coming along. My family and I have reservations for the 4th of July and I want to know whether the new pool will be ready or not.

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