A big hello to everyone in the Disney Driven Life community!  My name’s Amanda, I’m NDI #76, and I’m your new Community Reporter!  I’m a college student in New York trying to live the Disney Driven Life to the fullest, and I absolutely love the idea of a community of similarly Neurotic Disney People.  As Community Reporter, I’m here to introduce the many fabulous people that contribute to this website, tell you about some features that you might not know about, and let you know when new things happen.  The Disney Driven Life is an amazing community with amazing people, and there’s so much about it that you may not know.

For example, you wouldn’t believe how many people work on this website, both posting and behind the scenes.  It’s incredible, and they all deserve some recognition.  Plus, there are so many features on this site that are just waiting to be used by NDPs like you!  I can’t wait to start telling you about these amazing people and features, so keep an eye out for my first real Community Reporter post. It’s coming soon!

Contributed by: Amanda P. (NDI #76). Amanda is our Community Reporter and creator of the Disney College Blog.

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