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Amanda's experiences with Disney got off to a rocky start at age 4 when she infamously asked her mom in the middle of the Magic Kingdom if she could "go back to the room and color." Her attention span, however, has increased since then, and now she cannot get enough of Disney. She aims to visit Walt Disney World as much as her college budget will allow, and--in between trips--she satisfies her Disney hunger by managing The Disney Driven Life, blogging for Disney College Blog and tweeting from her @discollegeblog account. She strives to live the Disney Driven Life every day, so she can be the best Neurotic Disney Individual she can be.

If you’re reading this, then you’re living the Disney Driven Life, but there are tons of ways to connect with the community that you may not know exist.  From Twitter to the confessional, there are a plethora of options, but today I’d like to talk about Facebook.

To anyone who doesn’t know, Facebook is a social networking website where people can create a personal profile and connect with others via their profiles.  It is common to “add friends” (the term used for connecting to another person’s profile) that share your interests as well as meet other people by joining groups and “liking” fan pages.  Once you’ve created a profile by going to Facebook, there are multiple ways to connect with the Disney Driven Life on Facebook.

First, the Disney Driven Life has a Facebook Group.  Facebook groups are a great way to interact with other NDPs and receive notifications about the DDL’s developments and announcements. The Disney Driven Life group already has over 800 members, and it is growing all the time. Join us to meet hundreds (literally!) of Neurotic Disney People.  And to those of you who are already a member of the group, I encourage you to post more often.  You can never have too much conversation, and I’m positive that out of the 800+ members, there are at least a few NDPs that you haven’t met yet.  And who doesn’t like meeting fellow NDPs?

Next, there is a Disney Driven Life Fan Page.  On Facebook, fan pages are similar to groups, but instead of joining, you “like” them (this feature was formerly known as “becoming a fan”).  All you have to do is go to the fan page, click “like” right on top, and you are officially a fan!  Once you’ve “liked” the page, if it’s not already highlighted, click “The Disney Driven Life + Others” just below the “Write something…” box to see what both the Disney Driven Life and fellow NDPs are saying.  Then scroll back up to the “Write something…” box and add your own two cents worth!  This is how you communicate with the other fans of the page. You’ll also find that the Fan Page has links to all of the most recent blog posts on the DDL, so if you frequent Facebook, this is an easy way to stay abreast of when and what is going up on the DDL

Finally, there are two other ways to live the Disney Driven Life on Facebook.  One is to click the “Share the DDL on FB” button in the sidebar of the Disney Driven Life website. This button will post a message about the Disney Driven Life on your profile, allowing all of your friends to hear about your connection with us.  The other is to add JL (NDM#1) as a friend.  The links to add JL, to join the DDL group, and to “like” the DDL page can all be found as buttons in the sidebar. Also, you can search “Disney Driven Life” on your Facebook homepage.

Facebook is all about interaction, so make sure you participate!  Don’t just join the group, like the page, and never look at it again.  Communicate with your fellow NDPs.  Make some new friends.  Let others know how you are living the Disney Driven Life.  Isn’t that what social networking is all about?

Contributed by: Amanda P. (NDI #76). Amanda is our Community Reporter and creator of the Disney College Blog.

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