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Living in Delaware her whole life, Jessica did not know much about Walt Disney World until she went at 13 years old. That initial trip, though, got her hooked on the magic. As the years went on, she did everything she could to learn more about Disney (including watching documentaries and reading books). She did not know many people that shared her passion until she discovered the wonders of the internet and the Disney community found on it. She has gotten involved with as many Disney projects as she can, including writing the weekly news articles for The Disney Driven Life and writing for her own blog, The True Disney Fan. Jessica has also taken on a position with Celebrations Magazine, working the social media aspects of the publication. Through all these platforms, Jessica strives to bring as much Disney magic as possible into her everyday life, and she works to share it with everyone she meets!

A couple stores have come out this past week regarding a couple of the coasters on the Disney property, one that already exists and one that will hopefully exist soon.

The word from Animal Kingdom is that the Yeti has gone missing from Expedition Everest.  A screen is covering the area where the audio-animatronic yeti usually stands and will be there until mid June.  The yeti has been removed from Everest for some refurbishment, including fixing the movement in the arms, which has been missing for months.  In order to fully fix the animation of the yeti, work needs to be done in the actual attraction.  Expedition Everest is in need of a full refurbishment, one that will last close to six months, but this has not been scheduled yet as Disney is obviously hesitant to shut down such a major attraction for that length of time in a park that only has a couple “E Ticket” attractions to begin with.

The other news regarding coasters comes from Hollywood Studios, but its not about Rockin Roller Coaster.  Rumors are flying around the internet again about the Monsters Inc. inverted coaster coming to Pixar Place and these rumors give a little hope to the truth of the rumors.  A couple weeks ago it was speculated that work was being done in Soundstage 1, the building where it is rumored the coaster will be, including markers in the building where the track would be laid out.  This past week, the rumors have been fueled again. Soundstage 1 has been used for Star Wars Weekends for years, but not this year, causing people to wonder why.  As more news about this coaster come out, look here on the Disney Driven Life for updates.

Contributed by: Jessica C. (NDI#21). Jessica is our resident “Gossip Girl” and creator of The True Disney Fan Blog.

2 thoughts on “DISNEY COASTER NEWS

  1. I would love a Monster, Inc. coaster! Love your blog, it's like I've found my people! My Hubby has almost been converted to the magic! He enjoys the yearly trip… he just doesn't get listening to the podcasts and reading the books yet.

  2. Chin up! My husband used to be almost anti-Disney. Now he really enjoys it (especially the resorts). He doesn't actively seek out the podcasts and books yet, but he will listen and read without attitude when I bring something to his attention. I consider this MAJOR progress. Sounds like your hubby will get there in time too. 🙂

    I'm thrilled you found us. Welcome!

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