Love in the life of an NDP can be a perplexing issue.  Disneyphiles that wed “the blind” have written to me more than once asking for guidance in handling the difficulty of sharing a life with someone who can’t see the magic of Disney.  I have also been contacted by Disney singles who hope to avoid this scenario, asking me to help them find a suitable Disney partner.  This month’s featured NDPs do not need such assistance, though, because their Disney Driven Lives drove them to their mate.  Meet Anthony (NDI#39) and Amy (NDI#60), the first NDPs to be engaged within the Neurotic Disney Community.

Anthony’s Disney obsession was born in a rare fashion.  Rather than being triggered by an actual visit to a Disney Park, Anthony’s fixation originated in the dream of going to a Disney Park.  He never visited Disney in his childhood, and as an adult Anthony knew he was missing out on something big.  He began reading everything that he could about Disney in order to fill this void, but he found that the more he learned the more insatiable his desire for Disney became.  At 22 years old, Anthony finally consummated his dream when he took his first steps on Disney property.

Contrary-wise, Amy’s interest in Disney has roots close to her birth.  Two months after being born, The Little Mermaid was released in theaters.  For this reason, she has always had a connection with that particular Disney film and began obsessively collecting its paraphernalia.  Little did she know that her vast collection would make waves that would eventually wash her up on Anthony’s shore.

Back in 2008, Amy’s immense Little Mermaid collection as well as her Disney Mobile (affectionately named by friends because of Amy ‘s rule to only play Disney music in her car) gave her Disney notoriety.  This, in turn, prompted a friend to introduce her to Anthony (another Disney fan) via the internet.

“My first words to him were from a Disney quote,” Amy gushes as she relays the line from The Hunchback of Notre Dame that kicked off their future.  They spent the rest of that first evening online testing one another in Disney trivia and quoting Disney movies.  An actual meeting took place a mere three months later.  Anthony knew the minute he laid eyes on Amy that he would one day make her his Disney Princess-bride.

Last month, Anthony made good on his plans to ask for Amy’s hand in marriage.  After a delicious meal at the Contemporary’s California Grill, he and Amy went out to the observation deck to view Wishes, the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks show.  It was dark. It was loud. It was crowded.  None of this deterred Anthony, though, from wooing his love.  Once The Little Mermaid portion of the firework show began, he took her hand, dropped down on one knee and said, “Amy, I’ve loved you from the moment I met you.  Will you let me forever be a part of your world?  Will you marry me?”  The onlookers that also stood on the deck with them gasped.  Amy cried and simply nodded because–just like Ariel–she felt like someone had stolen her voice.

Now Anthony and Amy have the promise of a Disney-esque wedding that will be followed by a Disney honeymoon either on land, sea or both.  As they move forward towards their “great, big, beautiful tomorrow”, though, their common bond of fanaticism continues to play a significant role in their evolving lives.

Anthony is broadening Amy’s interest in Disney.  She no longer focuses solely on The Little Mermaid.  Anthony’s voracious appetite for all things that concern Disney has exposed her to vinylmation and pins, and she now shares his interest in reading about Disney’s history, current events and future direction.  In turn, Amy uses Disney as a means to help Anthony broaden in general.  “He’s a real quiet person,” she explains, “but I can always get him to talk if I bring up Disney.  It also cheers him up when he’s having a bad day.  He’ll light up like a Christmas tree with just the mention of it.”

Anthony and Amy, we could not be more excited about the fairytale we are watching take place within your lives.  You are a testament to Disney’s claim that dreams do come true.  And as the very first NDPs to be engaged within our community, we are honored to give you the titles of Neurotic Disney Persons for the month of June.  Thank you for allowing us to share your milestone with you.  We want to remain an important part of your Disney Driven Lives.

*The NDP of the Month will receive a free premium subscription to for comprehensive assistance in vacation planning . If you or someone you know does something noteworthy within the Disney fan community, we hope you will take time to nominate him or her by contacting NDM#1 (putting NDP of the Month in the subject line) for consideration.*


  1. LOVE it! And, it totally made me cry (shocking, I know). 🙂
    Congrats to the love birds!

  2. I cry every time I read this article, and I was there!! Thank you so much, we appreciate the well wishes 🙂

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