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Amanda's experiences with Disney got off to a rocky start at age 4 when she infamously asked her mom in the middle of the Magic Kingdom if she could "go back to the room and color." Her attention span, however, has increased since then, and now she cannot get enough of Disney. She aims to visit Walt Disney World as much as her college budget will allow, and--in between trips--she satisfies her Disney hunger by managing The Disney Driven Life, blogging for Disney College Blog and tweeting from her @discollegeblog account. She strives to live the Disney Driven Life every day, so she can be the best Neurotic Disney Individual she can be.

Do you like to listen to Disney music? Well if you’re reading this then you’re in the right place. You can listen to a huge number of Disney radio stations right from the Disney Driven Life sidebar! Scroll down a little until you see “Disney Music Online” on the left, and you can choose from a bunch of different Disney-related stations.

First there’s Radio Disney, a station run by Disney featuring mostly songs from your favorite Disney Channel shows, as well as PG-edited versions of some pop songs. Then there are MouseWorld Radio stations one through four, as well as talk. These stations feature various music from Walt Disney World, including attraction audio, atmosphere music, songs they play at the various resorts, and more!

There’s WDWLIVE Radio, playing a mix of music from Walt Disney World and Disney movies, and there’s Sorcerer Radio, playing an assortment of all types of Disney music. Finally, there’s Reedy Creek Radio, playing largely Disney park audio, and last but not least, DVCRadio, which plays a mix of DVC resort audio as well as other Disney park music.

Scroll through the stations, find one that sounds interesting, and click it! It’s that simple. The station will open in a small window, and after a commercial or two, will play right away. It’s really easy, and it’s totally free! Don’t like a station? Choose another. There are so many that you can never get bored. And now that you’re living the Disney Driven Life on Facebook and Twitter, let your new friends know what you’re listening to. Maybe they’d like to listen as well. That’s what a community is for!

Contributed by Amanda P. (NDI #76). Amanda is our Community Reporter and author of the Disney College Blog.

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