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Hi! I am a Canadian Disney mom to two Neurotic Disney Kids and a wife to my husband who still doesn't "get it" when I talk about Disney. Until a couple years ago, I assumed I was the only person in the world who thought about Walt Disney World every day and night. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I found the on-line community of Neurotic Disney People. My other passion outside of Disney is scrapbooking, and I truly don't feel life is complete unless I have a Disney trip album to work on. I've been scrapbooking for over 15 years and I belong to various scrapbooking forums as well. My secret wish is to be Tinkerbell as she flys out of Cinderella's Castle during Wishes, and my favorite food item at WDW is the corn bread at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. When I am resting at WDW you can find me resting by the pool at Port Orleans French Quarter. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom as it is the first one I ever visited and is the one with the most special memories!

As I have befriended many on-line NDI (Neurotic Disney Individuals) I have realized another bond that connects many of us.  Many (if not most) of us also scrapbook.  We scrapbook our trip pictures, our family pictures, and we love to memoralize our daily lives with our pictures, stickers, diecuts, and albums.

My love for all things Disney began with my first trip to the Magic when I was 8.  My love of all things scrapbooking began 12 years ago when I was looking for a way to display my pictures from my 5th Wedding Anniversary trip to WDW.  Coincidentally, a friend invited me to a Creative Memories party right after our return from our magical Second Honeymoon.  I debated going to the party, and tried to think of excuses not to go.  I finally gave in and took my required 6-8 pictures to my friends house.  Once there, I listened to the presentation about scrapbooking and I was mesmerized!  I knew that I needed my pictures to do more than just sit in an album–I needed them to tell my story.  My DS was 2 at the time, and I wanted these pictures to relate my feelings about my memories for him to read and admire long into the future.

I learned about the evils of acid and “sticky-backed” albums, and I pledged right then to always preserve my photos in an archival manner.  I drooled over paper, and cute stickers, and I admired the wonderful cutters and corner rounders and markers.  I went home that night with a finished 2 page layout and a new obsession.  I explained to my DH that this was not just a potential hobby for me, but it was my RESPONSIBILITY to preserve our memories for our young son and future children.  Like my passion for all things Disney, he didn’t get it.  Unbelievable!  But, he did support my decision to adopt this new hobby and for my next Birthday he bought me a starter Scrapbooking kit.

Twelve years later I am now the family historian.  My albums (good and not-so-good) are brought out for visitors and friends to admire.  My family’s memories will carry on through generations and they will all see through my albums my love for my family and Disney.  You see, as much as I enjoy scrapbooking my WDW trip photos I also have realized that I seem to bring Disney into my family albums as well.  Like Hidden Mickeys, I apply brads in 3-circled symbols, I use my Disney font when journaling on-line, and I incorporate my Disney purchased stickers into many of my layouts.  My albums honour my love for my family and friends, but they also are a lasting artifact to how I incorporate Disney into my everyday life.

Look for future Disney Driven Scrapbooking posts, and watch for our own place on the website to display your own Disney Driven Layouts!

Contributed by Mary Beth C.  (NDM#6). MaryBeth is the resident DDL scrapbooker.


  1. I'm excited to see more scrapbooking posts. I'm getting ready to start my first album myself. I bought a big pack of scrapbooking paper and stickers while on our last Disney World trip. Though the album is supposed to be a bit of a yearbook for our first year of homeschooling. I figure it fits because my daughter loves Disney, and one of the first things we made was Mickey out of Play-Doh (the assignment was to make a mouse). Also I figure with a fun theme I can get my daughter to help. I'm a bit at a loss as to how to get started though and how to pare down my photos so I don't overload the book.

  2. Hello there from the Creative Memories Home Office!
    You might be super excited to hear that we've got brand new Disney products launching July 1! We've got papers & stickers, albums and even a mini album.

    Happy Scrapping!

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