There are many ways to lead a Disney Driven Life, but sometimes, we need a little guidance. For tips, pointers, and general rules on how to live in this way, you can study the Disney Driven Life Principles. The DDL Principles are a list of rules on how to properly live as a Neurotic Disney Person. If you are following all of the principles, then you are truly and fully living a Disney Driven Life.

The Disney Driven Life Principles can be found at any time by clicking the link in the left sidebar. Here you can see all the fantastic principles that our fellow NDPs have written and that we try to abide by. For example, “as soon as the reservations are made, a Disney vacation countdown of some sort is required” and “two months prior to departure for a Disney vacation, the cell phone ring tone must play a Disney related tune (or at least have a “magical” sound).” The principles are both silly and realistic, and the best part is, you can add your own! If you have your own principles for living a Disney Driven Life, simply send them in an email to JL (NDM #1) at!

At the time this post is being written, there are 25 principles, but there is room for many more. What better way to give back to the community than to give us more principles to live by? I will certainly be abiding by them. My favorite is: “Disney is ‘the happiest place on earth.’ When on vacation, one must be worthy of entrance. When not on vacation, a limited amount of grumpiness is allowed.”

Contributed by: Amanda P. (NDI #76). Amanda is our Community Reporter and creator of the Disney College Blog.

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