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Karen was born in Massachusetts and primarily grew up there with a few pit stops along the way. Her first trip to Walt Disney World did not occur until she was 14 years old when she went with her family to the Polynesian Resort. It was not until years later when she returned with her children and husband (for their first trip) that the real obsession began. Returning to the lobby of the Polynesian brought back all the memories she had forgotten, and ignited a Disney passion in her family's life. Karen currently guest blogs for The Disney Driven Life as their wedding expert and is co-founder of her blog, The Best Friends Guide To.

Let’s face it, next to the bride the first thing everyone wants to look at after a wedding is the cake. What flavor will it be inside, how many layers is it, is it traditional or whimsical…you get where I’m going with this. The cake is like a big surprise that everyone gets to take part in. It’s fun to look at and guess about, and people even gather around it while it’s being cut. Good thing that WDW has a cake for every bride, especially with all the new themes they have been introducing lately.

As mentioned in my previous posts, you can now have a Pirate themed wedding, or an Alice in Wonderland one. Of course the cakes incorporate that as well. What would a Wonderland themed wedding be without a crooked, colorful cake?  Some folks like to incorporate Mickey and Minnie as my best friend did, with a simple, traditional cake with our two favorite mice as the topper. Of course, they were dressed in their finest wedding attire. No Disney wedding would be complete without the queen of all cakes, the princess castle cake, which stands at a whopping 6 layers tall and is topped with the castle.

Disney will personalize your cake any way you want, including non-Disney decorations.  Don’t be shy and be sure to get the cake of your dreams.

Contributed by Karen (NDM #224). Karen is our resident Disney Wedding’s expert and co-creator of The Best Friends Guide To . . .

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