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I think as a Neurotic Disney People we are mostly aware of that familiar aroma as soon as we set foot on Main St. USA. Do I even have to say it?

Yep, that smell of those warm, “just out of the oven” cookies from the Main Street Bakery whisper my name softly as I first enter the Magic Kingdom saying “Kim, we know you can’t resist, head this way”…usually I think “no, I gotta get my fast pass to space mountain!” but sometimes its just TOO tempting. However, this isn’t the first smell to hit your nose upon entrance to the Magic Kingdom.  As I stated in my Previous Post , popcorn is the first scent your nose will receive, to help play into Walt’s vision of the entrance to the Magic Kingdom being like an entrance to a movie theater.

Walt Disney wished for his 5 senses theme park to engulf ALL of the senses, and in my opinion, the hardest is the sense of smell.  Not only because it is the least recognizable of the senses, but also because it is the sense most associated with memory, so the Imagineers know these smells have to be good.

Different senses are incorporated into shops and attractions all over the Walt Disney Properties. One of my favorite smells is the familiar scent of Cinnamon and Pine at the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square.

On some of your favorite attractions, such as the Haunted Mansion, smells are blasted at you using Air-cannon technology. Sensors will detect passing guests and blast smells as far as 200 feet!

After some research, I was able to find some scents strategically placed by the Imagineers. Next time you are on these attractions, think about the smells! When it comes to the “show” elements at Walt Disney World, no detail was left out:

Haunted Mansion:Notice the cold musty smell once you enter the stretch room.  It really makes you feel like you are a part of a house that hasn’t been occupied in many years!

Mickey’s Philharmagic: There are definitely some distinct smells in this ride. Notice the familiar aroma of Jasmine and Apple Pie!! Yum.

Pirates of the Caribbean: I heard that you can smell faint sea salt in the air during the ride, especially during the scene with the the battling pirate ship.  I personally have yet to experience this one.

However, the imagineers, in keeping with their sense of humor, don’t always like to give guests pleasant smells to experience.  In attractions such as Stitches Great Escape, and It’s tough to be a Bug, you will actually smell some pretty foul things. Consider this a warning.

The next time you are in the Magic Kingdom, or any Disney Park for that matter, make sure you stop to smell the flowers! or whatever smell you happen to encounter, because there sure is a lot of hidden magic to discover.*

If I forgot an attraction or area of the Magic Kingdom that incorporates your favorite smell, let me know!

Contributed by: Kim M. (NDI#85). Kim is our resident Imaginerd and hopeful future Imagineer.


  1. Kim,

    Love it! You so right the smell especially a good one like the bakery on Main St. is so inviting and even relaxing, it is like when you walk through the front door visting family during a holiday visit and feel ike you have arrived to a place of “Welcome Home” we missed you!

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