Going to Walt Disney World isn’t just about riding the attractions. It’s also about seeing old friends and making new ones. It’s a place where friends meet everyday to share a magical journey.

On my most recent Disney family vacation we had the pleasure to spend our first day in the parks at the Magic Kingdom with JL Knopp, the creator and founder of the Neurotic Disney People, and her three amazing and beautiful children Margeaux, Miller, and Ellie. Although my son, Bret, and daughter, Haley, are much older than JL’s children, they all seemed to hit it off and had a great time touring the park. My wife, Michele, and JL also got along very well. It’s too bad JL’s husband, Joel, could not join us because he just started a new job and had to work.

In finally meeting JL, I was able to see first hand what drives her passion for Disney, and it is also clear her three children share the same fervor for the parks. They have an infectious zeal that spreads cheer to all those around them. Despite the intense heat and massive crowd levels they never uttered a single complaint. As a matter of fact, they maintained an incredible, energetic enthusiasm from the early morning hours until very late at night. The Knopp clan are an exceptional group, and you could just sense how proud JL is of her children, and deservedly so.

They say a mother will do anything for her children. Well, JL is a perfect example of that. As the day moved on and with the Florida sun getting stronger and stronger with Animal Kingdom like temperatures, JL made sure her children remained properly hydrated. So, she goes into a small back pack she’s been lugging around all day and pulls out a full gallon bottle of water. I have to tell you this back pack was so small it was like watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. My wife and I were astonished to see this huge bottle of water come out of the tiny back pack, and we were further amazed that JL had been carrying it around all day. For those who don’t know, JL is a petite woman, but she must have bones of steel.

It is clear JL is devoted to her family, loyal to her friends, and dedicated to Disney.


    I first want to say when I meet J.L. on cyber space you could sense that great love J.L. has for Disney and for her family and how much love and support her family gives her on this journey. ( Heck she left me behind here in VA and moved to FL).

    As I have continued to be a part of the Disney “groupies” and great follower of DDL I can say that Uncle Walt would be so proud of J.L. and her dedication to sharing Walts dream with others. I too admire her and I am hoping that our family trip in 28days that I get to meet the woman behind living a Disney Driven Life.

  2. What a great article. I should have done one similiar after meeting JL and her kiddos:) Great work!

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