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When looking at the All Stars Complexes, you will find that the Music, Sports and Movies are all very similar.  Each of them is setup similarly, offer similar foods with similar food courts, identical transportation options and accommodations.  However, the one exception is the family suites offered only at the All Stars Music resort.

These suites are only offered at the Music complex.  The rooms are 520 square feet, exactly twice the size of two of the standard All Stars rooms.  These rooms can be found in the Jazz Inn and Calypso buildings.  These buildings are located towards the middle and back of the resort.

Allow me to walk you through one of these suites…  First, imagine a typical hotel room that is joined a second room by a door along the adjoining wall.  The two “room” in this suite are identified as the “sitting area” and the “master bedroom area”.  Now, as we walk in the door to the sitting area.  This room includes a table and 2 chairs in front of the window which is along the same wall as the door of entry.  Along the same wall as this table and chair you will find the television which is housed in a cabinet with 3 pullout drawers, a closed cabinet with 2 shelves and an additional 2 large and 2 small shelves beside the television on the top portion of this cabinet.  Across from this cabinet you find a couch and a chair both with an ataman.  The couch and chair can be pulled out to make beds.  The couch makes out into a double bed.  The chair and the chair’s ataman each make out into single beds.  These single beds are approximately 5 feet long and are recommended for younger guests.

To the rear of this sitting area, you will find a bathroom.  The bathroom is located just past the chair and ataman and is separated from that sitting area with a privacy curtain.  The bathroom area includes a coat hanging bar, hangers and shelf, a single sink, mirror, and a hairdryer.  Behind a separate door you will find the toilet and shower/bath combo.

Now, back out to the sitting area you will walk through the adjoining door located between the television cabinet and the bathroom and arrive in the master bedroom area.  To the back of this space, you will find an identical bathroom space as previously mentioned above.  Straight ahead, you will find the kitchenette.  The kitchenette includes the following: a microwave, small refrigerator, and a coffee maker.  The suite even throws in a kitchen sink!  There are 6 overhead shelves and 4 lower shelves.  The space is rather small but includes loads of storage space!

To the front of the master bedroom area you will find the master bedroom.  This bedroom includes a double bed, bedside table and lamp, sitting chair, desk and chair, and television cabinet.  This cabinet is the same cabinet found in the sitting area.  Remember that this entire master bedroom area is 260 square feet and that part of this area is shared with the kitchenette and bathroom, meaning that the actual master bedroom portion is rather small.

The most important thing to consider is that the room is able to sleep up to 6 guests plus a child sleeping in a pak n play, free upon request.  With the 2 bathrooms and kitchenette, the space is extremely nice for larger families.  In addition to the accommodations, you will find that the price for the number of people is fairly reasonable.  Published prices for 2010 have been between $190 and $355 per night depending on the day of the week and time of year you choose.  Of course, these are the undiscounted rates and discounts may be found at  Save every buck you can on the front end so you have more fun money on your vacation!

In researching these rooms, I was amazed at how much space these suites had and the way that the space was utilized.  Larger families can be housed in one suite at a smaller price tag instead of purchasing 2 separate or adjoining rooms.  The two bathrooms makes getting ready a faster process for larger families while the microwave and refrigerator can be used to eat simple meals in the room, saving both time and money.  The master bedroom offers privacy and quiet to be had in a portion of the suite, while others are able to watch television and hang out in the sitting area.  All in all, it seems like a good accommodation type for families or those that just enjoy a larger space for a good price!

Please remember, if you ever have any questions, comments and suggestions, please leave them here or find me, @nrhenley, at Please remember, if you ever have any questions, comments and suggestions, please leave them here or find me, @nrhenley, at  Your comments and questions are greatly appreciated!

Contributed by: Natalie H. Natalie is the Disney Driven Life’s resident resort expert.

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