Hi folks, I’m just helping JL with some technical stuff here at the site.  First thing I noticed is that the RSS feeds were mostly dead (there, but they hadn’t updated in days).  I re-created them on feedburner and re-attached them here at the site.

If you were using the old feedburner links directly, you’ll have to re-subscribe in your RSS reader.  Sorry there, I just couldn’t manage to grab control of the old feeds.  However, if you were just using the site feed links of thedisneydrivenlife.com/feed or thedisneydrivenlife.com/comments/feed inside of a program like Google Reader, then they should just auto-update and all the articles you’ve been missing should magically appear (this is how it worked for me).

The feeds were broken because feedburner was getting overwhelmed (it can only handle 512k) at a time.  To combat this I had to drop the feed from full to summary.  I realize full is preferred, but a few large posts will overwhelm feedburner and it will get shut down.  This is just better functionally.

If there are other things you notice broken on the site, please let me know here or on Twitter (@tperlmutter).  Enjoy!

Edit: also fixed tonight were: disneydrivenlife.com will take you to the site now as well.  The extra, and sometimes broken image in posts is now gone, and the “little lady” that was part of the sidebar is now gone.

What do you think?

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