Inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a little counter service spot called Starring Rolls Cafe.  They have a variety of sandwiches, beverages and of course desserts! One of my favorite treats is the enormous Butterfinger Cupcake.  The recipe can be found online, but not too many people have dared to attempt the feat. It is actually quite a busy process from the batter, to frosting, to the chocolate inside and then topping with freshly crushed Butterfinger! You honestly cannot go wrong with this dessert, even if you mess the recipe up, the ingredients alone will save the cake.

We made these cupcakes in less than one full hour time.


Standard Devils Food Cake mix (Chocolate),

One container of milk chocolate frosting,

One container of buttercream frosting,

Chocolate hard candy shell (usually in the ice cream section)

2-3 Full size Butterfinger Bars or about 10 snack size.

Pastry bag or injector.


Start with a standard Devils Food Cake recipe. Usual preparations would include buying a pre-made mix from a box, but if you feel savvy enough and want to go all out, the recipe can be found online in various places for that. To save some time, I am using a standard box mix.

Once the cupcakes are done, set them aside to cool.

The inside of the cupcakes is a standard milk chocolate frosting pumped into the inside with either a pastry bag or injector. Just enough to fill the inside and give off a center of goo is enough. Do not overfill or they will burst apart at the seams! You can always use a core remover and take out the center from the top, frosting will cover the hole, so it doesnt matter either way.

Top frosting is a Buttercream frosting that can easily be made by hand, or purchased usually right next to the box mixes in the store. Buttercream is really just softened butter and confectionary sugar beaten over and over until smooth and thick. This will be your topping.

Frost the cupcakes high, none of this bake-sale cupcake frosting here! Look at the towers of frosting in the above pictures; that’s what your going for.

(I would break up the Butterfinger bars now in a plastic bag with a food tenderizer or freeze the bars and use a food processor, either way, just make it into small crumbles before moving on to the next step.)

Now you now have the task of pouring on the chocolate candy shell to harden over the frosting to create a hard candy coating. Be sure not to overload it or it will drip down the sides and make a disaster of the lower half.

Keep in mind the shell hardens quickly, after pouring this on, you want to crumble the butterfinger over the top or pile it on with a spoon to create a solid mountain of candy bar.

You might want to try pouring on the chocolate shell and putting the Butterfinger on in the same step, do one at a time, or the shell will harden and the candy will roll right down the sides onto your counters.


Contributed by: Ashley R. (NDW#43).  Ashley is our resident Disney food expert.

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