Here is the fourth episode of The Disney Driven Life’s broadcast, Inner Mouse.  In this week’s show, Scott, John, and JL are joined by guest host, Nicole Siscaretti to toss around Disney rumors and secrets and discuss why Neurotic Disney People are so hungry to hear these little known tidbits of facts and fiction.

Show notes:

3 thoughts on “INNER MOUSE 4 – I HEARD A RUMOR

  1. John, Scott, J.L. & Nicole,

    Now just viewing the Casting of Inner mouse, I need to stop missing the actual livre shows. Your show is great very interactive and making me wanting more. It is just like this show and you discussing us always wantign more Disney so I am grateful for what you bring to the table. I enjoyed the fun info of secrets & rumors. I just loved watching you all having so much fun with this.

  2. You may not be able to fully understand how much I appreciate this comment. I was so nervous about pulling off that joke in the beginning bc I am unable to hold a poker face.

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