Hey everyone, this is just a quick site update on some of the recent site changes I’ve made.

General layout cleanup.  The site simply wasn’t being very efficient in terms of space, and some of the layout elements we’re broken, the wrong size, or mis-aligned.  I’ve fixed much of this.  This gives posts a bit more breathing room left to right.  Getting rid of the small “chair lady” icons was a big help.

The social media links have been removed from the sidebar.  Mostly because the sidebar was cluttered, but also there was some nice empty space at the top right of each page.  They live there now.  The first two are for contacting NDM#1, the others (the orange/green ones) are site specific.  When you hover your mouse over them a description will be displayed underneath each.  I tried to stick with some stock concepts for the icons that go along with each social medium.  Please let me know if these are not clear.

The RSS Feed has also become an icon on the top right.

The DISQUS comment form is fixed.  That one was a doozy that required I rewrite the underlying WordPress theme a bit  to compensate.  DISQUS forms have a bit of a CSS faux-paux in them, but it was easy enough to overcome once I understood what was going on.

And finally, I noticed that THE ARCHIVES was broken, it hadn’t been updating since May.  I gave it a fresh new look, and it’s working well now.  Let me know what you think.

As before, feel free to contact me here or online at the usual haunts – tperlmutter is me at Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.  Live long, and be neurotic.

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