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Hi there, me again with another brief and minor site update.  This time it’s all about dates and authors.  It had come to my attention and NDM#30 that we were unable to use the site settings to change the date format on posts.  I did a little digging only to discover that the theme we use had a hard coded date format.  And not only that it was hard coded in multiple places.

So I wrote a function to create a proper “post stamp” that contains both a date that could be formated using the site settings if need be, and also makes sure to credit the author of the post.  I then used this function on the main page, and on the individual post pages, and again on each authors archive page.

What’s that? You didn’t know authors had archives.  Well they do.  Now on any post you can click the name of the author, and you will be brought to their Author Archive.  This Archive will list all the posts made by that author in reverse chronological order, similar to how the main page works.

Oh, but wait, there’s more.  Author’s also have their own personal RSS feeds.

Here’s how it works.  JL’s posts all list her name as NDM1, if you click her name as found on the line with the date it will take you to her archive at:

Now, if you were to put /feed on the end you’ll get to an RSS feed of just her posts:

This will work for every author.

I will get an RSS link onto the author pages in a future update.

Enjoy, and per usual don’t hesitate to ask me any questions here, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


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