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In Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a little place called the Writer’s Stop. Most people have never heard of this quaint little spot located in the Street of America section of the park. It is a combination of an eatery, store for books and souvenirs and a comfortable place to take in the ac. It has that coffee shop feel that you can just have a refreshing beverage and relax with a great book. My favorite part of the Writer’s Stop is the Carrot Cake Cookie. It goes for $2.95 plus you could use one for your snack credits if you are on the dining plan. There are dozens of other baked goods to choose from but this one takes the cake for me. Here is a simple recipe to help get a sweet Disney fix until your next vacation…

We made these cookies in less than one full hour time.

Ingredients: Standard Carrot Cake mix

One container of cream cheese frosting

If you want to make the frosting from scratch… (I did)

8oz of cream cheese @ room temperature,

8Tbs butter (one stick) @ room temperature,

1 c confectionary sugar

½ c of crushed pineapple, (well drained)

1 tsp vanilla extract
Steps: Start with a standard Carrot Cake recipe. Usual preparations would include buying a pre-made mix from a box, but if you feel savvy enough and want to go all out, a Carrot Cake recipe can be found online in various places. To save some time, I am using a standard box mix.

Drop rounded off spoonfuls (could use an ice cream scooper half full) onto cookie sheets.

Once the cookies are done, set them aside to cool.
The inside of the cookies is standard cream cheese frosting smoothed out to the amount you want between each cookie. Whip together all the ingredients from the homemade recipe or use store bought.  Usually a tablespoon of icing is the average amount but if you love frosting then go for it. Sandwich the two cookies together to complete.

Contributed by: Ashley R. (NDW#43). Ashley is our resident Disney foodie.


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