I really wanted to be able to share with you a touching story of my little girl’s very first haircut at Harmony Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom park after this fall’s visit. Alas, she’s still rocking the natural pixie cut. Appropriate for a little girl who’s nickname is Tink, but sad for an overly sentimental and neurotic Disney mama. So that those of you who are less follicularly challenged may partake of this very special service, I’ll provide some information now. Maybe I can update this post in a couple of years with my own photos and story.

The Harmony Barber Shop is located between the Emporium and the Fire Station on Main Street USA. The barbers can cut and style anyone’s hair but the specialty of the house is first haircuts. They have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves (and lots of practice and patience) to work with the littlest guests. Bubbles, stickers, and giant plastic scissors are some of the tools at the ready. For your $18, your little one gets a good haircut, an ear hat embroidered with “first haircut,” a certificate, and you’ll take home priceless photos and memories. Be sure to go early in the day to minimize your wait time.

I am sure lots of NDKs have had their first haircuts at Harmony Barber Shop. I’d love to hear your stories!

Contributed by: Amy E (NDM#242). Amy is our resident baby expert and creator of Growing Up Disney.

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  1. Hey Amy, Matt (NDD #72) here! Our son Braelon (NDK #56) had his first cut there last October, and it made such a memorable event that much more special. Our barber was able to calm such a frightened child so quickly and give him the most amazing experience we won’t soon forget! He also let us keep the clippings in a tissue sealed with a Mickey sticker.

    Here”s a link to some pics from that morning: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chiroguydc/4053952405/in/set-72157622685750350/

  2. My 5 month old granddaughter, Carly, just had her first hair cut at Harmony this past week. Well, it was actually closer to “hairs” cut, but special none the less. Her sister, Holly, also got her hair cut. Reminding us of how fast time goes, she had her first hair cut there two years earlier. It really is a special place to visit.

  3. Our kids had their first haircuts here last month & they are 8 & 13! No age restrictions, it was really fun! One word of advice though. You are not required to have a reservation, although, I would recommend making one since they are now available. The shop is very tiny & they do not take your name & add you to the “list” when you go in. There is no “list”. In fact, when we went, there was not anyone there doing check-in. The line is based on the honor system, just like in Walt’s era. We didn’t have any issues at all but you need to take a good look around when you get in & ask who the last family in line is so that you know who you’re after.

  4. just booked our little girls first haircut for january…just days before her second birthday…poor baby has super long hair in the back, but hardly any in the front yet. I’m hoping by january it’ll grow out for a cute first cut!

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