This past week, I traveled to Disney World.  Along my journey, I decided to visit Port Orleans.  My son and I had been at our resort, All Stars Movies, and were in the line to go to Magic Kingdom when we decided to change to go to Downtown Disney (MK was closing in an hour for the Nights of Joy!).  So we headed on to Downtown Disney.  After a short while there, I remembered some of my good friends on Twitter had mentioned going to visit the show by Bob Jackson at Port Orleans Riverside.  The show is at no cost and is located in the River Roost Lounge where tables are available.

It was quite the adventure to get to the Port Orleans Riverside, but we made it!  (This should have been an easy route by boat from Downtown Disney to the Port Orleans Riverside, but I wrongly got off at the French Quarter.  When I realized my mistake, the boats had closed so I had to walk to the Riverside from French Quarter.)  Needless to say, I was amazed when I walked in at the Riverside’s River Roost Lounge and saw that there was only one table left and it had two seats!  The location of the table was a perfect view as well.  (I think they were secretly holding it for my son and I!)  Once we sat, a waitress came to take our order, and we listened to people sing and dance along with Bob.  The venue is loud and interactive.  My son loved parading around with the other children during several songs.  Some of the songs requested that the ladies of the group please come to the front and so on.

I had come to the show in hopes of entertainment and the appetizer menu found at  The menu was more selective than that found at this site so I was able to go to the Riverside Mill Food Court and bring in my dinner to the lounge.  I did order my son and I a drink from the waitress, so I was not a non-paying customer for this waitress.  I was glad that I attended this show, but am not sure that it was the venue for me.   I would love to hear about your Bob stories for those of you that have been able to attend one of his shows!  I did find this youtube video that may help you also get a feel of the venue:

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Contributed by: Natalie H. Natalie is the Natalie is the Disney Driven Life’s resident resort expert.


  1. Bob is the best! i bring all my friends and family to see him when they visit, and he is my favorite Disney Character. 5 minutes into the show everyone becomes a part of a series of inside jokes that makes the whole audience unite in hilarity! Well, at least that’s how it feels to me. Bless you Bob!

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