Katie's Pressed Pennies

Disney isn’t just all fun and games like most people think it is.  It has so much to teach, and you have so much to learn.  My first experience in Disney was when I was just three years old.  Right then and there I thought it was just made for fun, then I got older and learned so much more.   Some people refuse to think that going to Disney can teach you anything.  I do not agree.

One of the first lessons I learned at Disney was math because I love penny presses. Each night of our trip I would sit with my mom and get all of my money out and count out two quarters one penny, two quarters one penny, over and over again. I found it fun, and I was learning both about patterns and about money.  It was a great young kid lesson because I got a “prize” out of it, and that interested me.

Mom bought me a book to keep my pressed pennies in, and now I have a collection.  My favorites pennies are Alice in Wonderland and Rex from Toy Story.  I have seventy pennies, at $.51 each they cost me $35.70 so far.  See, my pennies still help me with math even today!

Trick your kids into learning while they’re having fun.  Have them do some work, and get prizes for an educational vacation!

Article & Photo Contributed by: Katie (NDK #49). Katie is a youth contributor who loves to share Disney from a kids point of view.


  1. Cute story! I see the penny machines everywhere when I’m at Disneyland, but I’ve never used them. I like the idea of being able to use things like that in the Park as a teachable moment. 🙂

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